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Corner La French Tech at MoMA for NYC Design Week 2018

Corner La French Tech at MoMA for NYC Design Week 2018 Corner La French Tech at MoMA for NYC Design Week 2018


  • Date de début : 03 janvier

    Catégories : Concours

  • Date de fin : 17 janvier

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    Organisateur : Business France

Business France & La French Tech are launching a call for application for a unique opportunity to showcase outstanding French Tech products at the MoMA NYC Retail store locations.

MoMA is looking to present a fresh French Tech product selection for the New York Design Week (May 11-23). The selected products will be sold at MoMA NYC retail store locations and on


The product collection will generate considerable visibility for the selected brands.

  • Prominent window & in-store displays
  • Prominent presence on including home page feature, sub-feature & landing page with collection information.


  • Launch event & press reception at The MoMA Design Store Soho attended by over 200 designers, journalists, influencers and VIP’s.
  • In-store demos & events after the launch can continue the momentum and enrich storytelling.
  • MoMA promoted digital campaign via e-news to 300K subscribers and through social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest).


  • An assortment of French tech related consumer objects meeting MoMA’s selection criteria. Categories can vary from creative tools, gadgets, musical instruments, time pieces, speakers, VR readers, travel accessories.
  • Examples of products sold at MoMA Design Store include: 3 Doodler, Artiphon, Aurora clock, Bluesmart, Homido, ISKN Slate.
  • Health related devices (health trackers, sleep monitors, baby monitors), security devices won't be selected.


  • Open to French Tech companies (with siret number) only
  • Products need to meet US regulations (FCC or UL) if applicable.
  • Vendors will provide merchandise to MoMA at a wholesale price (terms to be agreed with the buyer).
  • Working production product sample should be made available to MoMA no later than January 30th for testing & review with curators from the museum.
  • If selected, vendors will be responsible for filling out PIF (Product Information Form) as well as reviewing and adhering to MoMA Routing Guide.

COST 2850€ HT covering production costs of all of the above & dedicated media communications by La French Tech and Business France.


  • 22-23/01: Product testing and demos in Paris
  • 28/02: Final product selection. Orders placed by MoMA
  • 15/04: Products due at MoMA warehouse 07/05: In-store installations
  • 24/05: Windows are de-installed