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Access to funding, SMEs and one of the world’s most innovative OEMs, a profile of InMotion Ventures
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Meet Voltaware, using electricity data to make homes more efficient, greener, reliable and secure
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Meet Nory, the future of hospitality management
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Bidstack, enabling developers to monetise their games and empowering advertisers to engage gamers
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Meet Material Evolution, replacing cement as we know it
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Viroslava Novosylna: How to adapt PR strategies for the international market
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Meet AstroAgency, market leader in space-focused communications and intelligence
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Adaptation is evolution : Ravio’s latest report reveals that European startups will focus on retention
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Meet Patch, your new neighbourhood space for work, community, and events
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Ditto, the talent sharing marketplace
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Meet Ctrl Alt, the expert solutions provider for alternative assets
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Meet Accessercise, the first fitness app for people with impairments
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Meet Creature Comforts, the startup that wants to transform veterinary care
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Revolutionising women’s healthcare with innovation and investment, a profile of Goddess Gaia Ventures
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SUPERLOAF, positive nutrition, food as medicine and tackling UPFs