Quanticore: Navigating the shifting tech realms
In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, a new term has emerged as a harbinger of the future - Quanticore. This fusion of "quantum" and "core" signifies the convergence of quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies. As we stand at the threshold of this new age, it's imperative to delve into the intricacies of Quanticore and understand how it is shaping the shifting tech realms.
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Quanticore: Navigating the shifting tech realms
UK Spring Budget: Quantum investment, R+D credits but no scale up funding
Did Hunt’s Spring Statement promise to end the woes for a beleaguered UK? We talked to founders, investors and professionals from the breadth and width of the UK innovation economy to find out.
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Budget 2023
Quantum Motion are building the world’s most powerful computer in North London
Using silicon chips and ‘fridges’ that are 100 times colder than outer space, Quantum Motion is attempting to build the world’s most powerful computer.
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Quantum Motion are building the world’s most powerful computer in North London
Application of quantum sensors and data support new solutions
In the work Aimava has been doing with leading startups, researchers and investors we are seeing quantum commercialisation stepping from point solutions and processes to system integrations of quantum along Innovative new value chains.
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Application of Quantum Sensors and Data support new solutions
Building the foundations: a vision for the UK’s quantum economy
We have seen over many years waves of new technology which are impacting business models and creating what we term Innovative New Value Chains. Examples include the dot com first wave of internet creating online retail, and efficient supply chains.
Portfolio by " Andrew Gaule
Building the foundations: A vision for the UK’s Quantum Economy
Quantum computing could kill what blockchain stands for, but has a UK startup found a way to save it?
It may be five years from now – or it could be 15 – but society, economies and the security of our digital lives are under threat from the very technology that has been positioned to save us – quantum computing.
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Quantum computing could kill what blockchain stands for, but has a UK startup found a way to save it?
Commercialisation at the heart of quantum technology three-day event
Taking place online from April 12-14, Quantum.Tech 2021 is set to be the first conference and exhibition covering the emerging commercial applications of quantum technologies.
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AI platform Pactum raises $11M in Series A round led by Atomico
The UK's position in the global quantum race is strong - we must be bold to lead the quantum revolution
In recent years, quantum computing has shifted from a distant possibility to a reality within touching distance. Areas with the potential to revolutionise the economy and society, investment has exponentially increased, and breakthroughs are now being announced more regularly.
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Quantum Motion raises £8M in oversubscribed Series A
Born in the UK, Quantum Motion Technologies Ltd (QMT), a quantum computing company founded on world-leading Silicon spin tech and architectures developed at UCL and Oxford University, has completed an £8M Series A round of investment.
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