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16 December 2019

Most innovative wearable tech of 2019

We can't ignore wearable tech anymore: it's everywhere, it's cool, and it's fashion! Whether it's an ultra-connected smartwatch or fancy headphones, here are some of the quirkiest wearable tech pieces to remember from 2019.

Following previous models, as part of its latest wearable tech, Apple presents its massive success, Apple Watch 5. This popular smartwatch got updated and possesses an always-on display which stays in tune with your body as you swim, gym and enjoy yoga classes. The fully customisable smartwatch includes a stellar heart rate monitor, music and podcast playback and a 32GB storage space.

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Marketed at keeping you ‘active, mindful, and into it’, Ringly is a smart ring that includes fitness tracking and guided meditation. The ring syncs with more than 100 apps on iOS and Android to give users notifications by connecting to smartphones via Bluetooth. Another wearable tech gem!

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AirPods are everywhere because their wireless is highly convenient. These headphones are perfect wearable tech gadgets as they’re an untangled way to enjoy music and make phone calls on the move. Apple’s latest airpods offer a customisable fit and excellent noise cancellation so that users can enjoy music in a world of their own.

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In a busy and constantly moving world, many people need assistance to relax and de-stress. Muse offers a solution to this by providing guided meditation to help people sleep and reduce their stress levels. The device gives users more intense meditation experiences by being placed onto the user’s head, connecting to their mobile via Bluetooth and then providing a guided meditation using the Muse Meditation app.

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The Fitbit Verse 2 smartwatch is the ultimate health & fitness smartwatch as it offers over 15 different exercise modes while providing notifications, storage of over 300 songs via Spotify and on-screen workouts that coach users. It has Amazon Alexa Built-in, 24/7 heart rate tracking, scores users on how well they sleep and more.

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These smart Under Armour running shoes provide a smarter way to run whilst tracking performance and improving fitness. The sensor-embedded running shoes are ideal for regular runners as they connect to the Under Armour Map My Run app on mobile devices to track speed, distance and other data from your run.

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Gamers who want to feel completely immersed in their games will love the Oculus Rift headset. The device fits snugly across the user’s eyes and offers surround sound, an ergonomic design and sensors that track the user’s precise position while in the virtual environment to provide a truly unique experience when playing your favourite video game.

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Vuzix smart glasses offer sublime image quality and a range of apps as well as providing the ultimate augmented reality experience. Some of its features include having a built-in Alexa system, noise-cancelling microphones for voice control and a touch surface.

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