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15 January 2020

The best of CES20

Every Friday, Maddyness picks some articles from other media outlets on a topic that is driving the headlines. This week, we share some of the best reviews of things that debuted and things that happened in Las Vegas last week at CES20.

Yes, a potato grabbed the headlines

Out of nowhere, CES20 visitors flocked to a young man holding a potato in front of his small booth. This ordinary looking root vegetable did in fact have some sort of cable sticking out of it… but why? The man was amusing the crowd with his smart product, which he said was unlocking the awesome decision-making power of the potato as well as taking a pointed stand against the rampant creation of useless tech. Read the full story from Forbes.

So much to see

As you can imagine, there is no end to the wonderful new technologies you can discover while wandering around CES20. WIRED selected the star products and strangest new gadgets on display during the tradeshow. From an affordable OLED, a sit-down Segway or a self-navigating suitcase, there was something for everyone. Read the story from Wired.

Sextech goes mainstream

Technology can also make a positive impact on humans life and intimacy, and the BBC presented some revolutionary and quirky sex health gadgets that were amongst the health and wellbeing areas. Read the story from the BBC.

Truly innovative products and gadgets

Business Insider investigated CES20 as well and reported a selection of gadgets of transformative technology in computing, gaming, and smart home. This year marked the launch of the first-ever laptop with a foldable display, as well as a concept for a PC gaming device that works similarly to a Nintendo Switch. Read the story from Business Insider.

Are you more 'Alexa, turn the volume up' or 'Hey Google, what's the weather like today?'

This year, Google made improvements in creating the best voice assistant. Alongside headline-grabbing features such as a real-time interpreter mode, the real innovation was its Google Assistant Connect, a new platform designed to grow the amount of third-party kit running its voice assistant. Read the story from Wired.