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20 January 2020
20 January 2020
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes
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13 inspirational business podcasts for startup founders

Learning from the best to flourish your startup is the key. Whether you have already decided to create your company or need some more time to think it through, podcasts can provide you with helpful information before moving forward. Here’s a selection of essential business podcasts to inspire you on your entrepreneurial adventure.
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes
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The Tim Ferriss Show. Repeatedly voted number one of business podcasts with over 400 million downloads, The Tim Ferriss Show interviewed guests like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx and Maria Popova. Each episode gives insight into celebrities morning routines, time management methods and favourite books.

Discover The Tim Ferriss Show

So it's not a podcast, but The Startup Van's huge back catalogue of videos should be a big part of your daily routine. Here you will find tips, advice and insight from the world's leading founders with questions that others would never ask and answers that only seasoned entrepreneurs can give.

Discover The Startup Van

The Small Business Sessions. Available on Apple Podcasts and powered by Enterprise Nation and Xero, this podcast gives listeners multiple resources and professional tips to grow your startup successfully.

Discover The Small Business Sessions

How I built this. Listen to Guy Raz who exchanges with influential companies, innovators, and entrepreneurs about their business journeys and experiences. A friendly atmosphere brings valuable advice from successful professionals who happily share their stories.

Discover How I built This

Dough Stories. Again not a podcast, but a series of video interviews with founders sharing money matters and pizza brought to you by Soldo. In these videos you will find answers to questions that over people wouldn't dare ask or answer.

Discover Dough Stories

Sisterhood Works is a new podcast from the Founders of leading women’s network, The AllBright. In each episode Anna Jones and Debbie Wosskow OBE talk candidly to a woman who has inspired them, who has made a real mark in her field, finding out how she got there and how she overcame challenges along the way.

Discover Sisterhood Works

Tech Talks. AI, automation, funding... find hundreds of interviews from creative and inspiring tech leaders across a broad range of topics. Discover people like you who made their startup dream come true.

Discover Tech Talks

Money Box. Money can be a headache but it is essential to any human being, and especially startup founders. BBC Radio 4 put together a brilliant range of podcasts to help you to decipher and master your finances. For all Money matters, this is the go-to resource.

Discover Money Box

The Productivity Show. These podcasts will help you increase your productivity and stop the curse of procrastination. Asian Efficiency gives you creative tips to get things done, giving you the time to get more things done.

Discover The Productivity Show

Wings of Inspired Business. Melinda Wittstock meets brilliant women entrepreneurs who share their secrets and recipes for success and self-confidence. Learn to manage your work life balance, respond to failure and move towards growth and empowerment.

Discover Wings of Inspired Business

Hashtag Authentic. Sara Tasker guides creatives through social media management, branding, blogging and gives plenty of suggestions to build a business properly, step by step.

Discover Hashtag Authentic

Impact Theory. Celebrities and achievers share their opinions and philosophies on life balance, happiness, and success. This remarkable series of podcasts hosted by Tom Bilyeu encourages listeners to apply self-development theories to real life.

Discover Impact Theory

The World of Business. If you wonder what happens in business worldwide, this podcast can enlighten your curiosity and grow your knowledge. Get regular news and insights from the business world from BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service.

Discover The World of Business