7 February 2020
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Pet tech: 11 Innovations in pet ownership driven by startups

It's raining cat-tech and dog-tech. Always smarter, more powerful and fun, these well-thought products are designed to ease the everyday life of both owner and pet. To help improve your animal's wellbeing, Maddyness has selected some of the most innovative devices and services.

Stay in touch when you’re away

Furbo is a smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog when you’re not home. With Furbo, you can keep close to your pet, no matter where you are. Also, when your dog barks you will receive a notification through the app and can, therefore, check what’s going on in your house. Your dog will love the treat tosser integrated into the device, and it’s fun to watch!

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A smart device for your dog. PitPat is the UK’s leading activity monitor for dogs. It’s a simple and discreet smart device for dogs that gives the owners everything they need to track the dogs’ activity and weight. The device is light, robust and waterproof ensuring that it will keep up with the most active dog’s and with new functionalities like badges and challenges even the laziest dog owners will be encouraged to go for walkies.

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Empower your cat and protect your home. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is easy to install in wooden, PVC or glass doors, and is safe and secure. With the press of a button, the flap registers your cat’s chip number and becomes your cat’s own private on-demand door granting access to them and them alone. The SureFlap door identifies your pet using their microchip, thus stopping any unknown or other animals from entering your home and keeping your cat happy when they are at home and on their adventures.

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Track your dog’s health. This device is basically like a smartwatch but for dogs and without a screen on it. The Whistle Fit is an amazing location tracker that attaches to your dog’s collar and gives you real-time information on the location at all times. As well as giving you an overview of your dog’s daily activity, it also provides you with information on his or her health, reporting on infrequent, occasional, elevated or severe scratching or licking, calculates food portion and calories intake.

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Quick and tidy grooming. Specifically designed for adult dogs with longer hair, typically the sort of dogs who leave the most hair around the house, the Dyson Groom Tool attaches to Dyson vacuums and effectively brushes your dog and sucks away not just the hair, but also the dead skin cells. This is a great tool to keep your dog and house clean and tidy.

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Keep your dog safe and stylish. The LINK AKC GPS smart collar and app put your dog’s location and needs right at your fingertips, keeping them safe, healthy and happy. The collar works with Bluetooth and Safe Zones are automatically created by your phone and where you place your base station. Using advanced GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Cellular technology, the Link collars monitors your dog’s location in real-time and alert you when your pup leaves the designated Safe Zone. 

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Managed flea protection. Offering personalised subscription-based service to keep your pets flea and worm free, Itch’s team of scientists and vets have created a hassle-free solution to maintain your animals’ health and well-being. Once subscribed you will never forget another treatment, keeping your pet happy and healthy and saving time and money along the way.

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Your dog will love this toy. GoBone toy gives your dog the exercise and play they need, and gives you the peace of mind that your dog is happy and entertained! Through the app, you can instantly take control of the toy and turn it into a gaming device for you and your pet. The fun device automatically adjusts its behaviour based on age, weight, breed and play style to engage your dog to chase longer and more regularly. Also, you don’t have to buy a new GoBoe when this one is used up, instead, you can simply buy the replaceable. 

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Instantly accessible pet insurance, so simple that your pets could do it themselves. Waggel offers dog owners a robust membership-based insurance solution that takes away the stress, paperwork and frustration involved with traditional insurance. The UX is simple and intuitive with extremely rapid onboarding, letting dog owners enjoy what they enjoy most; their dogs as well as the members’ perks from Waggel’s partners. You can also check pet care tips including pet insurance at Fuzzy Rescue.

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Tailored to their taste, delivered to your door. Butternut Box is another subscription-based service that makes pet owners lives easier and pets live happier and healthier. By simply giving basic information about your pets’ age and weight, you can create your pets very own meal plan. Then you can sit back as healthy home-cooked food you would make yourself if you had time arrives at your house when you need it. More than just a pet-food delivery service however, Butternut Box is committed to the very best quality food made in the UK with no added nasties or grains.

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Helping pets find owners. There are inherent welfare issues in the world of pet ownership especially when it comes to finding the perfect pooch. Tailwise is on a mission to accelerate animal welfare by creating a network of responsible breeders and rescues through which new owners can find exactly the sort of dog that will fit their lifestyle.

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Go Dogo Mental Health Training System

Founded by a group of engineers with help from some of the world’s leading experts in areas such as dog psychology, Go Dogo enables dog owners to provide mental stimulation for their pets. The Go Dogo system is a high-tech home entertainment system that provides mental workouts for dogs. Dogs enjoy earning their food, and through the Go Dogo system, they can solve stimulating and fun challenges in exchange for treats.

Automatic sliding door Wayzn

Wayzn enables you to convert any sliding glass door into an automatic, app-controlled pet door with secure access to the yard, anytime. Wayzn’s motion sensors let you know when your pet needs to go out and can automatically open and close as desired. You can control your door hands-free using a smart speaker, an integrated camera, a smart collar tag and other sensors. When you’re away, you can use the Wayzn mobile app and any Internet camera to view the area and operate your door after receiving a motion alert.