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16 March 2020

10 startups to watch in Manchester

Manchester is leading the way once again as a Northern powerhouse and European hub for industry, but today it isn't manufacturing and textiles, but tech and startups leading the renaissance. #ManchesterDigital. From fintech to AI and machine-learning, here are 10 startups from Manchester driving this tech revolution in 2020.

Culture Shift aims to change company culture and has developed Report & Support, their first product, designed to enable anonymous reporting of harassment. The tool is available anytime and anywhere allowing staff to use it at the time and place that feel safest to them with transparent information about their reporting options and signposts to support for what they’ve experienced. The ability to report problematic behaviour anonymously is a very effective way to make them feel safe and heard.


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Tootoot developed an award-winning software (voted as one of the 10 Tech Nation Rising Stars) that supports the psychological safety and wellbeing of individuals within education, sport and the workplace. Tootoot provides a way for individuals to raise a concern to their organisation with complete confidentiality.

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Thanks to blockchain technology and AI, UrbanChain is developing a world-leading and innovative platform, that links energy consumers (i.e. householders and small businesses) to energy generators in the wholesale market, and facilitate switching to the best deal in real-time. They aim to offer significant savings, create a level and competitive market for electricity from renewables, and help to make regulation lean and transparent.

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Arctic Shores have developed next-gen psychometric tests that uncover meaningful and job-related insights about people. Their solutions combine neuroscience, artificial intelligence and gaming technology to generate data-driven insights for a more successful and less-biased hiring process.

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Heard of Call of Duty? Cubic Motion is responsible for the cutting-edge facial animation behind this epic game. This world-leader in computer vision and animation has signed up clients such as HBO and Warner Brother Games. The team even have their own games room, taking the idea of ‘work hard, play hard’ to the next level.

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Betternotstop provides business support, events, workshops and experiences that bring together ideas and people that want to change and explore the world. The core values are to provide help, advice, motivation and purpose to business owners and companies that believe in the importance of sustainability, positive wellbeing and social change. The goal is to create a community of people that can collaborate, support and be inspired. Betternotstop is a forward-thinking, game-changing sustainable company that believes in positive social ideas and the value of support to help drive a better life for people and the planet.

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Through partnerships with some of the biggest global carriers and customer-focussed retailers, Sorted is an agile and data-driven software that powers checkouts, warehouses and shipping solutions around the world. Carrier management and delivery tracking are transforming the delivery experience for everyone involved and Sorted’s clever tech ecosystem, whether used together or separately, connects each stage of the e-commerce product journey from purchase at checkout, to fulfilment in the warehouse, to doorstep delivery.

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Peak has built the first-of-its-kind enterprise AI System. The company is on a mission to help businesses do great things with data and compete in the age of AI. Peak is powering the world’s smartest companies to drive growth, increase profitability, and improve sustainability. The company believes that the world is ready for AI now, but for many businesses, the biggest struggle is knowing how to get started and that is where Peak comes in.

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B-North is on the journey to becoming a bank, currently in the process of obtaining authorisation by the PRA and FCA. Bringing together over 200 years of blue-chip financial services experience, B-North will combine leading technology and innovation to deliver an outstanding borrowing experience for SMEs. B-North also intends to offer competitive savings products to UK retail consumers and business customers.

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Hasha Tech works with agencies, startups and businesses to create inspiring user experiences to influence millions of users. The company is known for launching projects for some of the UK’s biggest brands, retailers and companies. The team focuses on building brands, increasing engagement and fostering loyalty. They also build socially charged e-commerce sites, apps and user experiences, powered by insights which helps increase customer engagement and manage online reputations.

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