1 April 2020

Introducing the Enterprise DLT 2020 and Maddyness Blockchain 50

LeadBlock Partners and Maddyness have launched the Enterprise DLT 2020 and Maddyness Blockchain 50. Take 5 minutes to complete the survey to boost your visibility and be part of this unique report and ranking.

Enterprise DLT 2020 will be the first deep dive into the Enterprise DLT ecosystem, providing unique insights, highlighting key challenges, and revealing drivers for startups to flourish. The report will demystify DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and Blockchain technology by showcasing real-world applications & products developed by innovative startups.

The Maddyness Blockchain 50 will be the first ranking of DLT & Blockchain start-ups in Europe mapping the future of business.

You can participate by completing the survey now. ?

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LeadBlock Partners in the first Enterprise DLT focused venture capital fund. The fund invests in early-stage B2B businesses which use blockchain or distributed ledger technology to solve digitalisation challenges and unlock new markets.