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9 April 2020

Data-streaming platform Ably raises £5.6M

Data-streaming and cloud provider Ably has raised $7M (£5.6M) in Series A funding led by MMC Ventures with Forward Partners co-investing. Today, consumers take real-time information for granted, like instant messaging, transit updates, and live scores but all of this takes complex engineering to be delivered at scale.

Ably provides cloud infrastructure and APIs to empower developers to overcome these complexities and deliver rich live experiences to their users. Companies such as HubSpot choose Ably to change the way to deliver real-time messaging services globally.

With this £5.6M investment, the company will provide the new standard of real-time messaging infrastructure required for a connected future. The funding will also help to scale the team and focus on three things:

  • Invest in the core platform to build more features needed by developers, such as the upcoming Data Deltas and the recent rewind capability on channels.
  • Integrate into other event-driven platforms to help developers overcome the fragmented ecosystem currently operated in.
  • Explore and support more open protocols so developers can choose the right tool for the job.

“Ably has come a long way since 2013 when myself and Paddy Byers, Ably’s CTO, were unable to find a realtime solution that provided adequate guarantees for performance without compromising on data integrity or reliability. We launched Ably in 2016 after three years of intense research and development, investing over 50,000 hours into building the foundation of Ably’s complete realtime edge messaging platform.” – Matthew O’Riordan, CEO and co-founder of Ably