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22 April 2020

London-based doctor launches DeliverAid to help NHS workers

As part of our coverage of initiatives born during the coronavirus and honouring hard workers of those on the frontline, here's the story of Jack Manley. This London-based A&E doctor launched DeliverAid, a new public donation platform in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform aims to raise funds for food donations for frontline NHS workers.

Less than 24 hours after starting his personal fight against Coronavirus, Jack was flooded by offers of home-cooked meals, food deliveries and offers of accommodation near his hospital from his family and friends. But instead of accepting this willingness to help for himself, he wanted to find a way to harness and mobilise this kindness into a wider effort.

With the help of supporters, DeliverAid is now providing the NHS frontline workers with prepared meals. With the general public self-isolating at home, they are still able to donate good quality and well-made meals that are delivered directly to hospital staff.

“As an NHS doctor working across London hospitals, I have seen firsthand how hard the NHS is working to help as many people as possible. I’ve also seen an increasingly large number of local food businesses struggling in these uncertain times. I wanted to connect the dots and create a charitable platform that allowed people to do good on both fronts.” – Jack Manley

To implement his idea, Jack worked closely with creative tech agency Rehab to develop the fundraising platform that enables the general public to donate home-cooked meals prepared by independent food businesses.

“As creative technologists, we were looking for ways we can make a positive contribution toward this situation, and was glad when Jack came to us with his idea to help feed the NHS. We worked together to create something that would connect and help all the frontline staff working tirelessly, and hopefully create new economic revenue for struggling businesses. We hope that this will empower those at home to feel like they can also do their part and have a positive impact.” – Rob Bennett, CEO of Rehab

DeliverAid is on a joint mission to support food businesses that are struggling as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, while also supplying food to the deserving workforce of receptionists, ambulance drivers, cleaners, nurses and doctors.