28 April 2020

10 tech startups to watch in Belfast

As a popular hub for businesses specialised in cybersecurity, fintech, and health tech, the Northern Ireland tech startup scene has grown significantly over the recent years. Maddyness has compiled a list of some of the most innovative tech startups operating in Belfast.

In Belfast the tech sector is booming with the Northern-Irish capital now being home to some of the fastest-growing and disruptive startups in the UK.


Founded in 2017 by Paul Moorhead and Amer Fasihi, Kraydel helps elderly people maintain their independence for longer and gives relatives and carers very real peace of mind. The small smart device aims to tackle loneliness and isolation by giving the opportunity to live independently and stay grounded in their local communities, without exposing them to risk. The device is designed specifically for people who may not be familiar or comfortable with technology. It simply sits on top of the TV, linking elderly people to their carers or family members from the comfort of their own living room.

The Kraydel care journey

Gepostet von Kraydel am Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2019

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Created in 2015, Liopa has developed Visual Speech Recognition (VSR) technology, which deciphers speech through video by analysing discrete lip movements. Liopa’s VSR tech is the product of over fifty dedicated years of research and works by combining highly innovative techniques to track and extract  lip movements with an AI engine that includes a number of state-of-the-art modelling techniques and Deep Neural Networks to decipher the words spoken by the subject.

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SaltDNA aims to protect users right to privacy by keeping conversations between executives, customers and partners private. Whether you’re texting, calling, or accessing data from a mobile device, SaltDNA provides businesses with the tools to communicate globally and with complete privacy thus empowering businesses to communicate within the confines of a completely secure network.

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Neuronal health AI specialist BrainWaveBank makes it possible to measure and track brain activity and cognitive performance for anyone, anytime, anywhere. This distributable approach helps clinical professionals to transform our understanding of brain health and develop the next generation of treatments. BrainWaveBank enables early diagnosis and measurement of treatment response at an individual level in central nervous system disorders (CNS) by making affordable, accurate cognitive health assessment available to anyone in their home.

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To “never miss a lead”, chatbot provider Continually enables companies to create chatbots easily using a drag and drop bot builder which helps build complex bots without the need for technical experience. Created in 2017, the platform enables businesses to respond to live chats 24/7 with friendly conversational messages and thus to continually keep in touch with customers. As potential customers expect an immediate reply, these chatbots can help you capture leads by replying automatically, even when you’re out of the office or in a different time zone.

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Heathtech 3D printer axial3D aims to make 3D printing a part of mainstream medical practice. They create precise, patient-specific 3D printed models generated directly from patient CT and MRI scan data. These 3D printed models facilitate a better understanding of abnormalities, encourage novel surgical techniques and improve the surgical outcome for patients. By providing a unique Online Ordering Portal to securely upload scans in minutes, the team can use the latest 3D printing technology to create precise physical 3D printed models of patient anatomy and deliver directly to the consultant.

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Since 2011, Sensum has been building empathic AI algorithms that turn human data into emotion, physiology and behaviour insights. With real-time, unified modelling of human states, the company’s customers are building products and experiences that are more personal, responsive, engaging and thus more human. The company’s AI engine Synsis appraises user data to derive human emotions and states from any situation and combines tools for automatically syncing data and media from the widest range of sensors on the market. Sensum customers embed Synsis in their technology to create new kinds of empathic human-machine interaction and develop a deeper understanding of the digital self.

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Formerly called RepKnight, cybersecurity specialist Skurio helps security and IT security professionals to see things clearly across the full spectrum of risk. Looking at digital risks accessing parts of the web that wouldn’t normally be seen; social, deep and Dark Web. By creating cost-effective, intuitive and powerful Cloud-based solutions, Skurio makes it possible to identify threats, detect data breaches outside the network and automate the response helping companies to mitigate risk and minimise financial loss.

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Selected as one the fastest-growing scaleups in the UK by Tech Nation, the multi-awarded health tech disruptor Neurovalens creates non-invasive neurostimulation products to solve some of the world’s greatest health challenges. Its first product, Modius successfully launched in August 2017 on Indiegogo and was designed to help improve the lives of people who struggle with their weight by using neuro-technology to help make weight loss easier.

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Data matching software Datactics enables fintech companies to meet specific data requirements as they prepare for current and emerging regulations, including MiFID II, BCBS 239, GDPR, FATCA etc. Datactics provides sophisticated tools to help financial institutions get their data ship-shape and able to respond quickly to change and new standards, offering agile data quality and powerful matching capabilities for a vast array of data types including person, reference, entity and instrument data.

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