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4 May 2020

Billi London launches the world’s first biodegradable tights

Billi London has imagined and invented the next generation of tights. They are stylish and decompose in less than 5 years in landfill as opposed to traditional tights which require anywhere from 40 to 100 years to decompose.

Each year, more than 2M pairs of tights are worn once and then thrown away, in light of the growing responsibility on the manufactures to address issues of sustainability, something had to be done. And so Billi London introduces the world’s first enhanced biodegradable tights and will launch within weeks on Ulule.

Maintaining the features and quality of traditional tights, these tights have a specific composition, which under the anaerobic conditions of landfill make it easier for bacteria to reach and digest the discarded products to accelerate the  process of biodegradation.

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to re-make tights from old tights, as the technology to separate nylon from elastane does not exist. But, along with being the first company to make enhanced biodegradable tights, Billi London aims to become the world’s first zero-waste tights brand in the long term.

“We think that using recycled yarns is not a satisfactory and long-term solution to fix tights’ adverse impact on the environment. Our ambition is to create a movement and a new norm for the tights sector going far beyond the recycling approach which we think is only a sticking plaster for social and environmental sustainability.” – Marie Bouhier, co-founder of Billi London

Billi London aims to make fashion and sustainability compatible. The company wants women to feel confident with their appearance, and encourage them to choose from a collection of ethical, chic and fashionable tights to accessorise their outfit, knowing that they are not adding to the mass of landfill and waste.

“Women have accepted that tights are not far from being a single-use garment and they robotically dispose of their ripped tights, without realising the impact that this has on the environment: it is how it has always been and it is how it will always be.” – Sophie Billi-Hardwick, co-founder

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Billi London are the world’s first enhanced biodegradable tights. By wearing Billi London’s tights, you contribute to reducing the time that a pair of tights pollute the environment by more than 80%, protecting the planet today and for the generations to come.⁣ ⁣ ? ??⁣ ⁣ Billi London sont les premiers collants au monde qui se biodégradent en un temps record. En portant les collants Billi London, vous participez à réduire leur impact par au moins 80% sur l'environnement, protégeant ainsi la planète aujourd’hui et pour les générations à venir.⁣ ⁣ #startup #sustainablefashion #tights #moderesponsable #collants #modedurable #billilondon #biodegradable #sustainabletights #thetruthabouttights⁣ ⁣ ?@billi_ldn

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The collection will be available on Ulule from May 15th 2020, offering the public the opportunity to pre-order the tights for 30 days, with a limited discount. If the campaign of reaching 250 pre-orders succeeds, Billi London will be able to produce the first collection, which will be delivered in September 2020. Sign up here for pre-orders.