When a company is aligned with its core values, its culture will transform employees into brand ambassadors. It will enrich their mental health & well being, and assist the company in maintaining top talent.

While the current uncertain times many of us are working from home, companies still strive to maintain and build on their already existing cultures. Since most can be done now remotely, the challenge to maintain the company’s culture is even higher.

4 key elements that are important to consider

Lead with trust

As a manager, it is crucial that you inspire your employees to have mutual trust and use a collaborative approach. Give them the feeling you appreciate them and really value their presence in the company.

Remote working is a hard task for everyone, the trust will lead to higher engagement levels with deadlines, important projects and feedback successfully achieved.

Prioritise the mental well-being of your employees

Times are tough for almost everyone now, with people already facing difficulties in their everyday lives, the last thing we want to do is stress them more at work. Help your employees enjoy their work by assigning projects they can excel at, motivate them to collaborate together and form remote teams where employee skills complement each other and have a bigger impact.

Encourage open communication

With the employees being out of the office, open communication is key. As an employer, you need to encourage transparency and collaboration to increase employee contribution using various telecommunication tools where employees can easily communicate with videos and document sharing.

Acquire tools to measure engagement

Employers should increase transparency by providing employees with positive feedback and give them full visibility on work progress. Adding new targets and milestones can contribute to the longevity and commitment of the employees.

Top 4 benefits of establishing a remote culture

Higher employee engagement and motivation levels

A big challenge from employees while working remotely is the motivation associated with solitude. Employers should embrace strong communication to give employees a sense of belonging to a community.

Increases employee efficiency

Employees feel trusted by their employer who lets them work from the comfort of their home – as a result, the employees work fewer hours but are much more effective and still have time for private life.

Innovation and cross-functional collaboration

As each employee is isolated in its own home, there is an increased desire to communicate and collaborate more with their colleagues for brainstorming, creating new ideas, thinking about innovation and solving problem together as a team.

Employer Brand

Maintaining a company culture means there are core values shared through the entire organization which creates a community spirit that is adding value and increases the Employer Brand awareness helping to attract and hire new talent.

So why is it important to maintain your company brand culture remotely?

Simply because a corporation with no company culture (remote or standard) is bound to face problems, in the long run, losing its employees, difficulties to attract new talent and lose its trusted customers.

Brand culture portrays your image towards your consumers and since consumer needs are a constantly evolving process, employees and employers need to do their best to maintain high brand awareness and a positive brand image.

Daniel Naggar is the Co-Founder of Kukatree, an employee referral recruitment SaaS software provider and leader in sourcing talent by using your employees’ networks to generate referrals. It’s engaging, fun, and rewarding.