14 July 2020
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12 tech startups to watch in Glasgow

Glasgow is a highly attractive hotspot for tech entrepreneurs looking for a vibrant ecosystem in healthtech, data science and even spacetech. Maddyness selected some of these disrupting tech companies to watch in Glasgow.

Encompass provides an automated platform to improve client experience and significantly speed up KYC processes (Know Your Custumer). Encompass automates gathering, processing and collation of primary and premium information and news discovery for KYC purposes whether it’s new customer onboarding, event-driven refresh, or remediation.

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Bolt Learning produces high-quality online learning solutions, combining the latest in web-based technology with the most effective and modern teaching methodologies, to drive people-driven growth.
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Founded in 2005, AAC Clyde Space specialises in providing advanced small spacecraft, mission services, and subsystems. The company positions itself as the market leader in small satellite solutions with services for government, commercial, and educational organisations.


Have you checked out our new company video yet? Find out why space is awesome at Clyde Space…

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Candidate.ID offers recruitment software to provide recruiters with daily leads based on applicant interaction with a company’s online content. The concept replaces recruitment CRM for in-house talent acquisition teams or sits on top of any CRM for staffing agencies.

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Pioneering loyalty tech, Swipii is on a mission to give local businesses the tools and technology they need to help compete on a level playing field with global brands. Thanks to Swipii, customers can discover local offers, save money on their everyday purchases, and share them with their friends & community.
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Pursuit Marketing helps its clients grow by closing more sales, more effectively, more often and has been successfully delivering campaigns in the Technology and B2B market for over a decade, with exceptional results. Pursuit aims to develop a 360 marketing communication strategy to guarantee ROI and drive revenue with a unique, blended approach to demand generation.

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Strong with a rich heritage in interior design and a team of professional designers, Houseology is an online furniture marketplace aiming to inspire you to unlock your inner designer, empowering you to make informed and stylish design decisions as well as creating an unrivalled online experience.

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Created in 2014, Add Jam produces mobile products from front to back in-house. The company designs and develops server-side and native iOS and Android applications such as the Active Travel mobile applications for the £24M TSB funded Future City Project at Glasgow City Council.

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Nude is a savings account and financial friend for first-time home buyers. Founded in 2019, this fintech is rebuilding the home-buying experience to make it easier and more enjoyable than ever before. The company is crowdfunding right now to expand its business and develop its marketplace by assisting its customers in other areas.

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Talking Medicines captures the digital voice of the patient, aggregating it into patterns of behaviours and sells it to brand managers in pharmaceutical companies through subscription access. The company puts patient-centricity at the core of its activity, aiming to improve the outcome of medicines. This year, Tech Nation mentioned Talking Medicines amongst its Rising Stars.

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Founded 10 years ago, Streamba aims to connect, automate and orchestrate global energy supply chains by using real-time visibility, collaborative planning and machine learning to enable VOR and deliver measurable discipline at scale. Streamba built VOR with experienced experts to disrupt the energy sector.

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Bird.i is on a mission to make satellite imagery accessible, affordable, and usable for the everyday business user. To achieve this, they curate the best satellite imagery from multiple providers into one platform. Combining proprietary satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Bird.i captures real-time images and insights of ongoing projects allowing for more timely and better-informed decision making.

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