Looking to follow in the footsteps of notable NOTWICS champion startups like LendInvest, Accompany, TaskRabbit, SafeToNet, Machine, Raptech, Hiyacar, Visionable, Jaja Finance, Moteefe and many others, 8 startups are showcasing their businesses on September's NOTWICS Connecting People.

Each month, NOTWICS reviews, analyses and selects 6-8 Early Stage Startups and fast-growing Scale-Ups, for you. With physical pitch events seemingly a thing of the past, the founders present their business via video and the platform feels like a “Netflix” for discovering talent and tech, where you can explore and enjoy the businesses at your own convenience.

This month you can see pitches from;

Safe Citizens, a Cyber-security platform that seamlessly utilises a person’s mobile phones to alert them if in the vicinity of a potentially dangerous incident, empowering users and emergency services to establish direct communication in geo-located dangerous situations.

Spacebands, a unique wearable for COVID-19 tracking and tracing. Fun, simple and effective it can accurately monitor and supply data to schools, organisations and governments in realtime.

Once I've Gone, a SAAS Enterprise Software platform offering an end to end solution enabling both individuals and organisations to effectively control and manage the inevitable “End of Life”.

Drake Howell, provide clever visualisation technology enabling a 3D or 4D view to capture significant events and data that significantly impact the value and price of any asset.

That Figures, combines wearable tech, with data analysis resulting in an algorithm that provides fact-based recommendations for improving working practices, real time.

Trulife Optics, offer a leading holographic solution seeing huge growth in demand from global smartphone providers, car manufacturers and more in the increasingly low or no touch world that we currently inhabit.

Good on you, provides shoppers and brands a benchmark of ethical quality and sustainability needed for products.

Newpath, a SAAS/Fintech focused on solving the problem of connectivity in the developing world, primarily the Africa continent. Recognised as one of the 13 globally selected businesses that Facebook believe will “Harness the power of technology to create positive impact on the world, including improving digital connectivity around the globe.”

If any of these presentations are of interest you can contact the NOTWICS team via the button under each video.