10 November 2020

Everybody touch road, NOTWICS Connecting People November edition

This month sees the latest NOTWICS Connecting People showcase with 6 of the best startups from a variety of verticals, some Early Stage, others Scale-Ups. All are looking to raise funding and are either SEIS / EIS assured, or both. The founders are presenting their business via video so you can experience them at your own convenience wherever you are.

Looking to follow in the footsteps of notable NOTWICS champion startups like LendInvest, Accompany, TaskRabbit, SafeToNet, Machine, Raptech, Hiyacar, Visionable, Jaja Finance, Moteefe and many others, 6 startups are showcasing their businesses on November’s NOTWICS Connecting People.

Each month, NOTWICS reviews, analyses and selects Early Stage Startups and fast-growing Scale-Ups, for you. With physical pitch events seemingly a thing of the past, the founders present their business via video and the platform feels like a “Netflix” for discovering talent and tech, where you can explore and enjoy the businesses at your own convenience.

This month you can see pitches from

Beauty Matching Engine, the world’s 1st beauty-dedicated AI personalisation platform, applying complex and dynamic machine learning algorithms to identify nuanced patterns within your customer dataset to dynamically predict and personalise products that your customers are more likely to buy.

The Bunch, aiming to remove liability and hassle from the rental journey for both tenants and agents. The Bunch is a fast-growing startup changing the way students and letting agencies approach bills, building products and services which save time, hassle and money for everyone involved!

AQai, As employers move towards a Distributed work-force, AQai provides adaptability assessments, certifications, and training to consultants, organisations and teams to help businesses and Corporations navigate and thrive through change.

Hospify, a simple-to-use tool for instantly and securely sharing sensitive data across teams, between organisations and with peers and patients. Engineered to comply with all relevant privacy regulations, it combines the best of consumer tools like WhatsApp, LinkedIn and more. COVID-19 has seen this Scale-Up grow quickly.

Serendip, connecting you with new people, who share and resonate with your core values. No mindless swiping on faces. No small talk. Straight to meaningful conversation. Serendip is more than an app, it is a fast-growing global community allowing people to make new friends, meet new people and alleviate loneliness, one of the biggest challenges in life for millennials today.

Smartline, focused on the development of beautiful jewellery that houses state-of-the-art IOT tech fulfilling a growing consumer demand away from ugly plastic wearables. The team’s experience spans everything from Swarovski to hardware and software development, with several patents in relevant fields.

If any of these presentations are of interest you can contact the NOTWICS team via the button under each video.

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