18 November 2020

Building a purpose driven future with MIT REAP

Have you got a BIG idea or early stage startup that can change the world for the better? Does it have the potential to make money and have a positive social impact?

BUILD is a new 12-week programme for aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage founders in the Leeds City Region who are creating innovative businesses that have the potential and ambition to go global.  The programme is truly ‘for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs’ being codesigned and delivered by successful local entrepreneurs from startups including PanIntelligence, Top Screen Media, Crisp, Rradar, BeerHawk, Digibete, Pinpoint, Keracol, Liria Digital Health and the Data Shed.

Through BUILD’s virtual programme, a diverse group of founders will get the tools, approach and connections they need to get-to-market, secure their first customers, generate revenue, attract investment and scale.

The programme was conceived by the team behind the Leeds City Region MIT REAP (Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program) which includes senior executives from Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Nexus, the University of Leeds, KPMG and ARUP alongside entrepreneurs Adam Beaumont, Ben ZIff and David Aspin, amongst others. MIT REAP is a global initiative, helping regions accelerate economic growth through entrepreneurship and innovation with the Leeds City Region being the first English city region outside of London to be included in this prestigious programme.

If you have an idea or early stage businesses that mixes profit and purpose, that addresses pressing challenges such as #climatechange, #health #wellbeing #education #inequality #cleanenergy #cleanair #cleanocean #plasticwaste #sustainableliving #foodwaste #economicgrowth #financialinclusion #transport #mobility

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