27 November 2020

NOTWICS Connecting People Black Friday/Cyber Monday edition

A special edition of NOTWICS Connecting People showcases 8 of the best startups specifically focused on AI, Deep-Tech and Blockchain Technologies. 2020 has seen them all fast become champions in their respective verticals and here, the founders present their business via video so you can experience them at your own convenience wherever you are.

Looking to follow in the footsteps of notable NOTWICS champion startups like LendInvest, Accompany, TaskRabbit, Machine, Hiyacar, Visionable, Jaja Finance, Moteefe and many others, 8 startups are showcasing their businesses in a special Black Friday/Cyber Monday edition of NOTWICS Connecting People.

NOTWICS reviews, analyses and selects Early Stage Startups and fast-growing Scale-Ups, for you. With physical pitch events seemingly a thing of the past, the founders present their business via video and the platform feels like a “Netflix” for discovering talent and tech, where you can explore and enjoy the businesses at your own convenience. Should any of the stories resonate, you can “click to connect” with any of the founders and get together. Access to this Co-Vid Show-reel will remain until Boxing day.

This month you can see pitches from

Cambridge based, Featurespace, provides adaptive behavioural analytics solutions for fraud prevention and customer management applications. The company offers ARIC engine, a real-time, machine learning fraud management software platform that understands the behaviour of each individual customer.

Notwics first worked with SafeToNet in 2015 when they pitched their idea to an eager audience at Bloomberg. Now, in 2020, SafeToNet is a leading British cyber-safety company with offices in London, San Francisco, Cologne and Toronto. The company uses Artificial Intelligence and behavioural analytics to help safeguard children by detecting threats such as cyberbullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression and is led by one of the Top 50 founders in UK Tech Richard Pursey.

Cygnetise is a new friend in the NOTWICS community. Their excellent blockchain application that enables organisations to easily manage their signatory lists and bank mandates, whilst protecting them from signatory fraud. Using Distributed Ledger technology, the data is validated on a permissioned blockchain where the customer has control of their own data.

Scribestar is focused on improving the drafting and workflow of complex legal documents for debt and equity capital markets transactions. They work with law firms, investment banks, accountancy practices and companies to help them operate more effectively. The Scribestar platform simplifies the process of distributing documents for review and collating comments from multiple parties.

Settle Group is a financial technology company with an EU wide e-money license. From it’s award winning platform Settle Group is the backbone for several fintech and bank innovations, but most importantly provides the Pan-European mobile payment service named Settle.

PremFina have scaled dramatically since 2014 and has become a leading tech-led provider of premium finance. They work with brokers, MGAs and insurers to transform the insurance industry via our financial products, digital tools and customised services.

Going back to Cambridge, Aalbun is a global intellectual property (IP) provider that can help each step of the way. Aalbun handles patents, designs and trademarks, and provides up-to-date analytics and software for users  manage their IP. They pride themselves as having a global reach with a local presence.

RapTech is now the #1 mobile app for rap fans. How? Record your freestyle over a beat, invite friends to rap battles or participate in rap tournaments and all over the world. A virtual winner in COVID-19.

If any of these presentations are of interest you can contact the NOTWICS team via the button under each video.

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