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25 December 2020
25 December 2020
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NOTWICS Connecting People Christmas Special

A special Christmas edition of NOTWICS Connecting People showcases 5 of the best startups offering clever technologies and targeted, successful solutions both for now and the future.
Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Looking to follow in the footsteps of notable NOTWICS champion startups like LendInvest, Accompany, TaskRabbit, Machine, Hiyacar, Visionable, Jaja Finance, Moteefe and many others, 5 startups are showcasing their businesses in a special Christmas edition of NOTWICS Connecting People.

So, when you get bored of the family festive squabbles this Christmas, albeit probably less likely with the outlaws not permitted, for most !!! Or faced with watching the 15th movie featuring Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise or an elf (or both!!)..find a quiet area to enjoy these festive video gifts.

This month you can see pitches from

VerifyEd is a clever blockchain Technology that aims to create a world of trusted certificates and credentials across all educational and professional sectors. The business is experiencing growing traction with many universities, professional bodies and organisations, to digitise such certificates. By doing this, it assures the value of these achievements globally, subsequently providing protection against a growing problem of Certificate fraud.

Pango is a modern, end to end, web-based B2B SAAS marketplace for the Educational Content Distribution market. The platform keeps schools and teachers coordinated with shared curriculums, units, lessons, standards, templates and more. Currently, there is a huge market opportunity as we witness the transition from textbooks to digital in the UK & US Educational systems. They aim to become a leader in the changing Educational Content distribution space, as it now flies to digital!

District has grown successfully during COVID-19. Existing customers have stood by Lee, the founder, throughout 2020, with their resilient recurring revenues proving this, whilst the team future-proofed the solution. 2021 is poised to see even stronger demand for their solution, aiming to allay fears and concerns of both employees’ and tenants’ about returning to their offices and shared spaces in a mixed COVID-19 world. District offers a perfect, real-time workplace SAAS platform to manage this, end to end, real-time, for both companies and landlords.

Luxury Cottages is in a sweet-spot. Not only is this marketplace at the forefront of the “UK Staycation”, a market estimated to grow even faster in 2021, its also well-positioned to gain a strong edge over rivals, through their investment in bespoke, personalisation technologies.

This technological leadership, coupled with the team’s experience and focus on exemplary service levels for both owners and guests, positions them well for strong market share growth in 2021, says founder Alistair. So, whilst in front of the fire, this Christmas, check out Luxury Cottages yourself and get some inspiration, especially to get ahead of 85% of Brits who are now expected to vacation here in 2021!!

Own-Kind is an impressive B2B2C social commerce platform, allowing retailers to provide an in-store level of personalisation, online. The founder, Ruaraidh has cleverly built a pioneering AI-stack that makes their platform more than 10x faster than existing solutions! The solution has already been adopted widely at a leading UK Luxury fashion house, helping strongly improve efficiencies and revenues, in a short space of time and there is a large pipeline of retailer customers looking to adopt their digital solution in 2021.

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