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18 January 2021
Reflaunt transforms the secondhand fashion market with a plug-in
Unsplash © Duy Hoang

Transforming the secondhand fashion market with a plug-in

Restrictions over the past 10 months have meant that most of us have spent more time at home. This has led many to reorganise and purge unwanted items, but with charity shops closed and unnecessary trips to the Post Office avoided, how else can we rid ourselves of our unloved fashion?

Enter, Reflaunt. Reflaunt is a technology company that brings “Resell as a Service” to fashion brands and multi-brand retailers. With the company’s tech solution, fashion retailers can allow their own customers to resell or recycle their past purchases in a click, directly on their ecommerce platform. 

The solution works by implementing a ‘smart button’ plug-in on the retailer’s ecommerce platform or on a standalone website, creating a digital wardrobe for each user and compiling all of their past purchases. By clicking on the smart button for a specific item, the user creates a new listing in a few clicks and Reflaunt sources most of the product information from the brand. 

Reflaunt’s technology then automatically pushes the listing on a global network of secondhand marketplaces including Rebelle, VideDressing, MyPrivateDressing, Miinto, Hardly Ever Worn It, Luxury Closet, Afound, eBay, and StyleTribute. Once the item is successfully sold, the user can choose to be rewarded in cash or in store credits with the retailer.

“Teaming up with Reflaunt is a tangible way to commit to sustainability. Subscribing to the circular economy model sends a strong message as a luxury retailer, one that speaks to our vision of the future beyond the realm of seasons. We think great fashion should last for a lifetime and want to offer our customers the chance to resell past purchases in order to shop better and smarter.” Aldo Gotti, CEO, Modes

What is the mission?

In a time where consumer’s rapidly changing behaviour and values have led to the booming secondary market, Reflaunt believes fashion retailers should radically rethink their business model and shift towards a circular one.

The fashion industry is the second-most polluting in the world yet it is still massively overproducing items, leading to more than 70% of garments ending up in landfills or incinerators. Reflaunt believes a more sustainable, circular model of consumption is needed to avoid a global disaster, extending the life of garments and preventing as much waste as possible. 

With this in mind, Reflaunt’s mission is to make it as easy and scalable as possible to extend the life of garments and prevent them from ending up in landfills, ultimately shifting consumer habits towards conscious consumption of higher quality products.

Reflaunt transforms the secondhand fashion market with a plug-in

Is there a market for secondhand shopping?

The secondhand market is growing 20 times faster than traditional retail and is predicted to be worth $50B in the next five years. Research by Reflaunt also found that 64% of women have bought or are willing to buy secondhand fashion. 

This appetite helped the Reflaunt team to become backed by investor Bluebell Group, the leading distributor of luxury brands in Asia, in addition to Fashion for Good, The Mills Fabrica, Yellow Octopus and BBCapital Investments. Clients so far include COS, ba&sh and Balenciaga.

Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, global CEO, ba&sh, said: ​”The secondhand market is a major environmental issue for our sector and it also represents an important opportunity, that of reaching new communities. ba&sh thus becomes the first brand in the world to integrate a resale solution supported by the blockchain. 

“This innovation testifies to ba&sh’s involvement in a global movement encouraging a more sustainable consumption model by making it easier to extend the life of products. We are happy and proud to integrate new responsible business models by partnering with disruptive startups like Reflaunt.”

Reflaunt is a circular designed technology that bridges first and secondhand fashion ecommerces.