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26 January 2021
Unsplash © Markus Spiske

Does media coverage help funding for startups?

We’re running a webinar on 10th February for anyone interested in communications trends across the startup sector. Maddyness UK Editor David Johnson will offer insights on how startups and journalists can best work together.

As the go-to publication for startups, innovation and business, Maddyness has worked with SMEs for the duration of the past decade in France, and the past year in the UK. We’ve covered proptech, legaltech, edutech, biotech and pretty much everything in between – from pre-Seed to Series H and beyond. 

On 10th February, we’ll be sharing some of our insights over a virtual lunch – in collaboration with PR Moment and Words + Pixels PR. PR Moment is a publication dedicated to exploring the evolution of PR, and Words + Pixels is an agency specialising in media growth for companies with tech at their core. Its roster includes City Pantry, Karma and SeedLegals. 

The Zoom event will run for an hour, from 12.45 to 1.45pm. Maddyness UK Editor David Johnson will deliver a startup guide for media relations, with a presentation touching on how relationships between entrepreneurs and journalists can be mutually beneficial; how to refine your story to make it truly newsworthy; and what not to do when trying to secure media coverage. This will be followed by a group discussion and some virtual networking. 

We live in a world where 72% of people have more confidence in journalists and influencers than in advertising, and 76% of people have bought a product after hearing about it via a journalist. Journalists are always looking for stories, and, as a founder or member of an in-house PR team, you only stand to benefit from finding the story in your startup. 

To register for the free event, starting Wednesday 10th February at 12.45pm, email [email protected]