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8 April 2021
8 April 2021
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes
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Commercialisation at the heart of quantum technology three-day event

Taking place online from April 12-14, Quantum.Tech 2021 is set to be the first conference and exhibition covering the emerging commercial applications of quantum technologies.
Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

The three-day event will play host to over 1,800 attendees, 30 sponsors and exhibitors, and over 50 speakers, all of which come from more than 20 countries around the world. Speakers from NASA, BP, IBM, Lockheed Martin Corporation and Merck are amongst the lineup. 

The digital conference will bring together industry experts, research institutions, government agencies and investors whose primary goal is to drive forward the commercialisation and real-world deployment of quantum technologies.

The boom in computing power in recent years – coupled with geopolitical competition – has propelled quantum research and technology into the mainstream. Although commercial applications are still few, experts believe they are now possible thanks to growing interest, extensive research and an increasing demand.


The key aim of the Quantum.Tech conference and exhibition is to drive forward the commercialisation of quantum applications across industry and to provide a global annual meeting place for those working within the ecosystem. The event is an opportunity to take the findings of the research lab onto the shop floor.

The event’s organisers believe enterprises will gain an understanding of the current status of the quantum landscape, explore potential applications, benchmark against peers in their market, and drive forward their internal adoption of these technologies.

To find out more about Quantum.Tech 2021 and to register to attend for free, click here.

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