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19 April 2021
David Cameron is heavily implicated in the Greensill lobbying scandal
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What you need to know about the Greensill lobbying scandal

Every week, Maddyness curates articles from other outlets on a topic that is driving the headlines. This Monday, we look into why David Cameron is in deep water.

What is the Greensill lobbying scandal and who is involved?

The most serious controversy about government lobbying and cronyism for years is unfolding in the UK – and it is a complex story. From an Australian financier to David Cameron, here are the key elements in the controversy so far. Read the full article via The Guardian.

Saved by incompetence

If David Cameron were better at lobbying, he might be in even hotter water over the Greensill scandal. His statement and exchange with Rishi Sunak show that he was a poor advocate for a failing business. Read the full article via Tortoise.

Greensill Capital promised a win-win for buyers and sellers, until it all fell apart, igniting concerns about opaque accounting practices. Read the full article via The New York Times.

Greensill is but one small part of the parasitic monster feasting on the Government’s Covid largesse

It is only natural that coverage of the Greensill affair should have focused so heavily on the politics of it all, the involvement of David Cameron, and the wider activities of well connected lobbyists and civil servants with second jobs in the commercial sector. But beneath the headlines is a much bigger scandal. Read the full article via The Telegraph.

Greensill lobbying row: What jobs can ex-ministers do and what are the rules?

Former government ministers – and top civil servants – are never short of job offers after their political careers end. But what sort of work should they be allowed to do after leaving the corridors of power? And what are the current rules? Read the full article via BBC News.