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20 April 2021
PUSH helps companies take action on mental health
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Companies are taking action on return-to-work anxiety

Employers are starting to play a more active role in safeguarding their employees’ wellbeing. Cate Murden, founder of PUSH, tells Maddyness what this means.

In 2014, Cate Murden founded corporate wellness and mental health company PUSH. Noticing a surge in cases in the community during COVID-19, she offered a programme of free webinars, workshops and one-on-ones. She’s now helped around 10,000 people handle mental health difficulties free of charge. 

PUSH in itself has also seen a dramatic rise in demand for its ‘bold solutions to human problems’ throughout the pandemic. To Murden, this is an encouraging signal that companies are starting to take mental health guarding seriously. 

Over 20 major UK companies, including Rightmove, Urban Outfitters, Toyota and TikTok, have worked with PUSH to help their employees transition to and from remote working. 

As restrictions lift and we adjust to ‘the new normal’, Murden is concerned about postponed trauma and warning of a forthcoming wave of grief. “It’s clear that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis – simply through dealing with ‘stuff’ that we’ve never dealt with before”, she says. 

“Take, for example, the fact that having been furloughed for a year or more, many – such as those in the hospitality industry – are feeling the strain of the sudden need to return to a workplace that is intensely busy.”

 “The last year has been challenging for everyone in a multitude of ways and now this sudden return to work can seem daunting. At PUSH we have had an influx of requests to help with auditing, alongside tailored programmes that provide both reactive and preventative support.” 

“From top down to bottom up, it is clear that companies are realising the need to understand how everyone is feeling and therefore provide their employees with tools to look after themselves and stay motivated.”