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12 May 2021
Uncovering the UK’s hidden talent with Young Entrepreneurs of England
Laura Yeo

Uncovering the UK’s hidden talent with Young Entrepreneurs of England

YEOEngland is on a mission to give the UK’s young talent a voice. It’s creating the go-to platform for supporting and working with young entrepreneurs.

Full of enthusiasm and ready to take on the world, young entrepreneurs are the leaders of the future. Their entrepreneurial ventures should be taken seriously.

It’s no secret that being an entrepreneur is a difficult road to take. It’s even harder when you’re a young entrepreneur and just starting out. It can seem as though the odds are stacked against you. 

Young entrepreneurs are learning and doing things for the first time, building credibility, growing their network and managing a very tight budget – all while doing their best to nurture and grow their business.

The statistics that drive what YEOEngland does 

Throughout 2020, the YEOEngland community shared the struggles they face being a young entrepreneur. 

A survey found that: 

  • 85% don’t have an established network that could help them succeed.
  • 72% feel that when entering the market many potential clients would rather use alternative solutions, because young entrepreneurs are not ‘experienced’ enough.
  • 70% battle to get their products and services seen and get themselves heard.

These statistics have helped build the base of what YEOEngland does. Its aim is to provide a service that can set young entrepreneurs and their start-ups up for success.

Meet CEO Laura Yeo 

Laura Yeo is a South African born entrepreneur and the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs of England. 

She believes that, right now, young people are more entrepreneurial than ever. 

“More and more young people are wanting to start and grow their own businesses and we as a society should be doing all we can to ensure that hidden potential is fully realised, and that any external factors – be it family network, experience and funds, do not stop them.” 

“We should be empowering young people to take that first step in becoming an entrepreneur and giving them the space to do it.” 

“When I started my own business,” Yeo adds, “I struggled to get my name out there and I couldn’t find a platform to go to that was made for young entrepreneurs where I could advertise my services to a larger audience, build my network and be a part of a like-minded community.”

“That is where the Young Entrepreneurs of England community was born. I wanted to create a place where other people could go to be supported and to support other young entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

Meet the founders

Sylvia Wong, one of the YEOEngland community members, founded Represent Love with her partner Mycal Odojukan. It is a “community interest company on a mission to highlight the ongoing stigma towards interracial and intercultural relationships.” Represent Love is the first organisation in the UK to focus specifically on this community.

Uncovering the UK’s hidden talent with Young Entrepreneurs of England

Wong says, “Represent Love provides a positive outlet for people facing relationship stigma. Through our work, we hope that our community feels seen and heard – inspiring people to express the joy in their interracial or intercultural relationship and empower them to speak up about the issues they face.”

“We advocate for more research on relationship stigma and its consequences. Most research into interracial and intercultural relationships has been done in the US”

Imisi Adefala is the founder of Inspiring Action Media (IAMedia), which is a collective of digital marketers, photographers and videographers that help businesses to scale and differentiate themselves in crowded markets.

I started my first business in primary school”, says Adefala. “I love everything about entrepreneurship even when things are tough. My business is like my baby and watching it grow is so special.” 

We are creating services that will support small business owners all over the world – and sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. I hope we inspire others to chase their dreams.”

YEOEngland is so much more than just a name. It is a movement, a community and a source of motivation.

It’s about building strong and valuable connections that uplift and inspire. We are shaping tomorrow’s leaders and paving the way for future success. YEOEngland is here to give young entrepreneurs a voice, an opportunity to be heard and seen. 

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