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25 May 2021
You Don’t Need Investment to Start a Successful Company
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You don’t need investment to start a successful company

A lot of advisor-type people will tell an entrepreneur that their startup is either investable or it isn’t, with no middle ground. Experience has taught me that there is always middle ground when it comes to seeking investment.

Investment as idea validation

Customers don’t buy ideas, they buy products. Investors don’t invest in ideas, they invest in execution.

Investment as activity

Investment as market awareness

Investment to accelerate when there’s nothing to accelerate

This article was originally published on Medium by Joe Procopio

Joe Procopio is a multi-exit, multi-failure entrepreneur. In 2015, he sold Automated Insights to Vista Equity Partners. In 2013, he sold ExitEvent to Capitol Broadcasting. Before that, he built Intrepid Media, the first social network for writers. You can read more and sign up for his newsletter at www.joeprocopio.com