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16 June 2021

‘Don’t automate for the sake of automating’, says Marcin Kierdelewicz, founder of BIAMI

Since 2015, the OVHcloud Startup Program has facilitated the growth of over 2,000 startups and scaleups. Maddyness interviews participating founders, today we speak to Marcin Kierdelewicz, founder of BIAMI.IO.

After launching three years ago into an environment where people were wary of engaging with the intelligent automation world, Marcin Kierdelewicz has relaunched and business is booming. The startup helps customers to benefit from business process-driven software, platforms and robots, and run intelligent automation solutions at scale to deliver 10X performance within the business. Sounds good, right? We think so too.

Give us your elevator pitch (in 280 characters or less)

At BIAMI.IO, we help our customers grow without the consequences of growth. We help to achieve 10X performance within specific teams via intelligent business services, operations and growth, built with our own AI-assisted intelligent automaton technology delivered at scale.

What is your favourite thing about being a founder?

Fun! We have great, innovative intelligent automation technology to deliver great value to our customers. As a founder, I have the opportunity to build our company culture in line with what work environment I always wanted. We make it fun so everyone can help our customers and enjoy it at the same time.

You are currently on the OVHcloud Startup Program, can you tell us about your experience and the support you have received?

The collaboration with OVHcloud is amazing. They have a great offering and human approach to their partners. Within the last six months, we were able to launch three initiatives:

  1. Include part of OVHcloud proposition into one of our offerings for our customers to feel like they’re being served locally even if we work from various locations around the world,
  2. Accomplish advanced architecture reviews of another offering improvement and integration
  3. Launch OpenStack automation integration program

It is one of the most advanced relationships we have with a cloud provider and it wouldn’t happen without the support from the OVHcloud teams.

What are the main areas businesses should consider automating?

You don’t want to automate just for the sake of automating. If things go wrong and they keep going 24/7 then the consequences can be significant.

First, it should be aligned with your business strategy, where you want to be and what are your growth pains. At BIAMI.IO, we support three areas of automation and even more with our partner ecosystem. They are:

  • cloud and business services in order to automate provisioning and be able to scale any services that you offer as a business to your customers and partners
  • business operations in order to remove any internal bottlenecks you might have within your business so you’re ready to grow and to serve your customers as scale
  • business development in order to acquire more customers and scale your business.

We have developed a commercial proposition to support all those three areas and help our customers boost their business by 10X.

Can you give us a case study?

We have many case studies where we help customers get 10X performance within the operations team like increasing the bandwidth within the vendor onboarding for one of the leading global retailers.

I like the stories where our customers were happy with one area and they move to another and then more. We are working with a fintech company who were building Banking as a Service on top of a propriety data management cloud platform. With many customisations, they realised that they’re losing agility and it’s taking them longer and longer to deliver support for new processes.

Within just a couple of days, we were able to show them ways to build business process automation using our technology and how our Intelligent Automation Labs can help them to go back to daily process improvement deliveries and become more cloud vendor agnostic. Within less than 9 months, we were able to migrate them from propriety vendor to open source cloud technology that opens a lot of new possibilities.

Which founders or businesses do you see as being the most inspirational?

I would say that Richard Branson is the one that I respect but for all that he does outside of the usual business activity. Work-life balance is important to me.

What has been your biggest business fail?

Failures are part of our life and we learn from them. For BIAMI.IO, it was three years ago when we launched our business and found out that it was too early to be in the intelligent automation space. Many customers would like to learn about new technology but not willing to engage at the level we wanted to build relationships. We’ve learned that it was too early and restarted business three years later. The market has changed now.

What’s in store for the future?

We have plans but it’s important that we focus on what we’re doing now and deliver. We help many customers and they help us with their feedback on how to constantly improve the proportion and that’s how we’d like to have it in the future. Every customer should feel that they can impact the way we help them with intelligent automation so it works for them.

What advice would you give to other founders or future founders?

Whatever vision, we should not underestimate the value of the ecosystem including customers and partners and how much they can improve our proposition and success. Listen, learn and adapt.

And finally, a more personal question! We like to ask everyone we interview about their daily routine and the rules they live by. Is it up at 4am for yoga, or something a little more traditional?

I am an early person but not that early, but I do a 6km long walk with my dogs every day and we all enjoy it very much.

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