The startup is hoping to revolutionise the way food is distributed in cities. Collectiv Food currently partners with Apex, DHL and AnyVan who collect supplies from company warehouses and distribution hubs. The startup's points of distribution (PODs) are located in under-utilised urban spaces and are chilled, meaning meat, seafood and plat-based proteins can be stored before they are transferred to professional kitchens across the UK.

The partnership with what3words will now allow for quicker food deliveries by providing the precise location of pickup and delivery points to Collectiv Food’s drivers. Founded in 2013, what3words technology provides delivery services with precise locations by dividing maps into intricate grids, while each square has its own unique combinations of words.

The technology will save time by identifying specific locations, meaning carbon emissions produced by the delivery service will be reduced by less time spent on the road

VP Supply Chain at Collectiv Food Lucas Dawe admitted the technology would make routes “leaner”.

“Now we can offer our delivery partners more precise pick up and drop off locations, meaning they can easily get to where they need to be.”

Reduced transport time will also mean food stays fresher for longer. In cities like London, where 40 tonnes of fresh products are stored at four points of distribution, the partnership will be particularly beneficial for customers and delivery drivers.

CEO and Co-founder of what3words Chris Sheldrick said, “In this day and age, reducing your carbon footprint is something at the forefront of everybody’s mind. By helping delivery drivers find precise locations with just three words, we’re also supporting Collectiv Food’s commitment to creating a more sustainable food supply chain.”

“Our partnership with Collectiv Food means that customers will enjoy fresh food supply, while delivery drivers will be able to navigate with increased efficiency.”