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16 September 2021
What are the booming digital jobs for A growing globalised workforce?
Unsplash © Clem Onojeghuo

What are the booming digital jobs for a growing globalised workforce?

In a growing tech world, it’s hard to get it wrong with digital jobs. Computer and technology-related jobs are some of the most flexible options you have. Even during a pandemic, working in a digital environment makes you valuable in any business. UK and EU businesses are quickly adapting to a global workforce, so digital jobs are the future.

A digital job does not stop at IT work. If you’re the type who’s looking for more choices other than an IT professional, there are more choices for you.

What are the booming digital jobs available? Here’s a big list of the best picks you can get. Not only do these pay a pretty penny, but they also make you competitive around the world.

Data science jobs

Data science field jobs are some of the most lucrative and enjoyable jobs in the world. If you have a knack for crunching data, building big data infrastructures, and tools, this is the field for you. Data science is a wide term, encompassing several types of roles that fill a variety of needs.

In general, data scientists analyse large amounts of raw, complex data, process it into usable information, and find potential patterns of behaviour. What data you get will be used to perform high-value decisions that will benefit the business.

Some data science jobs encompass machine learning, allowing artificial intelligence (AI) to design and build machine learning systems. These allow potential automation and independent decision-making for AI, allowing them to crunch more data.

Other data science jobs you’ll find in the UK and EU include enterprise data architecture, business intelligence development, and data administration. These not only pay a lot but they are also very much in demand.

Remote marketing jobs

Remote work is one of the most viable digital jobs of today’s globalised workforce. Modern remote work jobs offer many benefits to people looking for a good work-life balance. Whether you want to stay at home and take care of your family, hate commuting, or you’re looking to be a digital nomad, these roles are for you.

One of the most viable remote jobs is digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you help businesses with their outreach needs online, whether it’s with their website or social media. Your job is to meet marketing goals, which include lead generation, increasing conversions, or driving sales.

Another fantastic career option is web development, where you build and code websites for several businesses. By coding websites and creating solid user interfaces (UI) as well as user experience (UX), you help drive traffic towards the business.

Software engineering jobs

Software engineering offers some of the best options out there for the modern professional. Whilst software engineers are not a new role by any stretch of the imagination, this digital job is consistently in demand. With a good knowledge of programming languages, software engineers in the UK and EU are some of the most competitive in the world.

Software engineers need proficiency in several programming languages. Beyond simply coding software, your work encompasses building and improving the quality of several systems. You would need to learn how to create standard operating procedures and identify potential areas of improvement.

Every software engineer has a different role, depending on the organisation. You can work as either front-end, back-end, or full-stack engineer. You can also work as a quality assurance (QA) engineer or as a security engineer, with several overlapping roles in between.

Digital accounting jobs

Not all digital jobs have to be in tech. Many companies utilise not only automated options but remote positions too. Among these growing digital positions are digital accountants – a role that is vital in the digital shift of accountancy and finance.

Organisations that want to remain agile and competitive do not ask if they need to digitalise. They know that digitalisation is a must to remain relevant to customers. Together with an expense management solution, digital accountants are fundamental in a globalised economy. 

Digital accountants are indispensable to changing business models and helping organisations connect to the world. They are important not only in the transmission and representation of financial data but also in offering trusted advice on the right financial adjustments that every enterprise needs.

The digital accountant is the future of finance. Their services are transparent, agile, and responsive, using the latest technological solutions to simplify financial information and maximise the utilisation of financial data.

Social Media jobs

Social media jobs are among the most wanted roles in the UK and EU, with more companies needing them now more than ever before. London’s digital economy relies on social media specialists to market its brands across the world. The job is not simply a matter of posting on FB and Twitter but rather depends on your ability to see market trends.

Social media managers handle the entire process of creating and curating posts to build a community. They handle data to help integrate market segments into sales funnels, working towards reaching the brand’s goals. Much like digital marketers, the goal of social media roles is to improve engagement and drive sales.

Beyond a fancy degree, social media jobs are easy to break into. A marketing or IT degree helps, but you also need to be social media savvy. You need to know how to leverage the brand and the ability to connect with the brand’s followers.

Game design and development jobs

Game design and development are among the most attractive digital jobs that you can find. With games staying as a multi-billion euro industry, this job is the dream role for those looking into joining the workforce. People may underestimate the needs of the industry, but this segment needs high-powered, high-mobility professionals from various disciplines.

Designing and developing games is a combination of creative and programming skills. Game developers build on the world through code, applying concepts to create an enjoyable, bug-free experience. Game designers combine creative multimedia skills to present a good view of the game they are working on.

Game development and game design offer flexibility, unlike any other industry. You can work for a big development studio and get your experience working with top brands. Some can also opt to work as indie developers, creating games on a small, more auteur scale by themselves or a small team.

There are more digital jobs that are booming all across the world. With the advent of the internet, this is the golden age of technology where almost every role will start to have its digital equivalent. If you’re looking to be competitive in tomorrow’s workforce, build your skills towards these roles if you can.