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26 October 2021
The workspace was launched in collaboration with Techspace

London popup workspace now open to startup founders

Spice Startups has launched a pop-up workspace for startup founders in the UK. SPICESPACE, which was launched in collaboration with tech scaleup company Techspace, will provide a new space for startups to grow throughout the entire month of November.

Located in East London, the 5000sqft workspace was designed to allow high-growth startups to access the resources, tools and networking opportunities to get funding fast.

The inspiration for the workspace came from Spice Startup founders’ realisation that a lack of in-person support stunts the growth of startups. Perdie Alder and Margaret Anne Coyle – who have worked with over 1000 startups since the launch of their brand last year – said they wanted to provide a physical space defined by network, community and proximity, key factors in company growth. 

Phil Ellis, Cofounder and Marketing Director at Techspace, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for Techspace to support the future of the ecosystem. Providing early-stage startups and Founders the chance to reconnect meaningfully post-covid, whilst Spice fast-track each team to their next stage of growth.

He added: “It’s also a chance for Techspace’s superstar community of scaleup teams to pass back knowledge and experiences, which is a virtue we are excited to explore when the right match-ups present themselves.”

Throughout November, SPICESPACE members will have access to desk space and meeting rooms, as well as open areas for networking and collaboration.

Since launching on Monday, 175 startup founders have already registered to use the space.

You can connect with other SPICESPACE members by signing up here before 2nd November.