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28 October 2021

Introducing I, Founder: The Life of a Startup in 2026

We are all familiar with the struggles startups – and indeed, the entire business world – has faced since 2020. But have you taken the time to consider what the life of a startup might look like in five years’ time?

In the first whitepaper produced by Maddyness UK, we explore the norms, challenges and exciting developments that a founder might be faced with in 2026. The paper centres around fictional nootropics brand PALACE from the perspective of its founder Charlie, giving an insight into what running a business might look like in the future. The possibility of working from literally anywhere in the world, even a treehouse? Check. Electric scooters for all staff? Of course.

I Founder: The life of a startup in 2026

In addition to our predictions, we have also spoken to real-life industry experts about their predictions from the startup world, including comments from representatives at businesses and organisations including Neckermann Strategic Advisors, CBRE, Wilson Fletcher, Transport for London, Crowdcube, Fairhire, Diversity VC, Kitt, Peppy Health, Poplar Studio and Juggle Jobs. 

The paper covers the predicted norms of startup life for both founders and employees in the sectors of transports and logistics, the office (and lack thereof), staff wellbeing, investment and hiring. 

The startup world has been rocked by COVID-19, demanding businesses to pivot to stay afloat. With this transformation in mind, startups and scaleups have been forced to adjust to the most innovative ways of working years ahead of when they likely would have. With so much change already taking place, the prospects for business in 2026 and, indeed, the future in general, are more promising than ever.

I Founder: The life of a startup in 2026
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