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15 November 2021
Manchester is the UK’s top tech startup capital outside London

Manchester is the UK’s top tech startup capital outside London

Manchester is now the UK’s top tech startup capital outside of London, according to a new study.

The study, which was carried out by software development company KLOC, revealed that Manchester performed best based on the number of start-ups in the area, the total funding they have received, the average software engineer salary and how its top university ranks for computer science courses. 

Cambridge, Edinburgh and Guilford also scored highly across the criteria, while Oxford came in fifth place – the city scored the highest for university ranking in Computer Science.

The 10 new companies created since January 2020, attracting a total of £404,125 in funding, pushed Edinburgh higher up the list.

A KLOC spokesperson said the study demonstrated “plenty of vibrant tech startups outside London.”

They added: “This is very encouraging for entrepreneurs as it demonstrates that there are plenty of options beyond the capital which can offer lower operational costs and still provide a talented workforce.”

The study was conducted by software development specialist KLOC, which designs and builds bespoke business systems, mobile apps and high-end websites to help customers improve their competitive advantage, increase profitability and achieve greater agility.