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28 May 2022
5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup
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5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup

Finding success as a startup business ultimately comes down to one key thing: sales. In simple terms, without enough sales, you won’t make any revenue. And, without any revenue, you won’t have a startup business anymore. So, to help make sure your startup remains as profitable as possible, we’re here to help.

By using some of the marketing tools we’ve highlighted below, we aim to equip your startup with the software it needs to drive those all-important sales and increase your total revenue. 

Sopro: The best tool for lead generation 

Growing a startup business takes a lot of hard graft and can make it difficult to invest as much time in certain areas as you would like to. But, this is where Sopro can make all the difference. 

5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup

A tried and tested platform trusted by hundreds of small businesses worldwide, Sopro is designed to free up more of your time by searching, sourcing and conversation starting with qualified leads on your behalf. 

Created by a team of business growth experts, Sopro aims to deliver a transparent and measurable return on investment (ROI). Utilising a dedicated team of experts to front your startup’s campaign and, ultimately, turn it into a success – both now and in the future. Sopro’s tailored ROI calculator uses a cross-industry average rate of 3.6% lead rate, so you can calculate whether Sopro is the right fit to help you scale your startup.

MailChimp: The best tool for digital marketing 

When starting out as a new business, building your reputation is imperative to being successful. After all, if nobody knows who you are, how can you expect them to use your services?

5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup

That said, establishing this kind of online reputation can take a lot of time and effort, placing a heavy reliance on your digital marketing efforts which, in turn, can cost a lot of time and money. 

Thankfully, however, MailChimp has been designed to take a lot of stress out of this process. 

With more than 12 million customers, MailChimp is one of the top email marketing providers and digital marketing tools in the world. 

Whether used to launch your startup through its website builder, market it via its multichannel email campaign functionality, or build it up through its variety of integrated tools, MailChimp is a great all-in-one solution for reaching out to new and existing consumers, helping encourage repeat sales and generate a steady flow of traffic. 

HootSuite: The best tool for social media management

While on the topic of building your reputation, having the right social media strategy in place could make a big difference – especially in today’s day and age. 

With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok currently used by 4.62 billion consumers worldwide, this represents a huge opportunity for your startup – and Hootsuite can help. 

5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup

A digital marketing tool designed to manage all aspects of your social media strategy, Hootsuite enables you to schedule social media posts in advance across a ton of social media platforms. 

Plus, thanks to its user-friendly dashboard, Hootsuite makes it easy to respond to comments and mentions within the software itself, removing the need to visit each platform individually. 

It also allows you to identify and reach out to any influencers relevant to your startup, helping build your online authority while bringing in more sales and customers. Talk about a win-win. 

BrightLocal: The best tool for local marketing

If your startup has a bricks-and-mortar location, having a good online search presence is imperative to getting customers through your doors. 

However, with the multitude of changes that Google regularly makes to its algorithm and various pieces of software, maintaining this online reputation through platforms like Google Business Profile can be a lot easier said than done. So, this is where BrightLocal comes in. 

5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup

The ideal tool for local businesses,  such as restaurants, plumbers or dentists, BrightLocal provides an all-in-one local marketing solution to take the stress away from maintaining and monitoring your startup’s online presence. 

Featuring useful services like online review management, citation builder and audit functionality, keeping on top of your local SEO could make all the difference between making conversions or not and, ultimately, generating sales. 

Google Analytics: The best tool for data analysis 

As one of the most powerful digital marketing tools currently available, Google Analytics is a must-have for any digital marketing strategy. 

5 Marketing tools to increase revenue for your startup

While it may not bring in more sales by itself, using it will show you what is or isn’t working on your website, allowing you to make any relevant changes and better understand where to focus your efforts. 

Say, for example, you notice that a particular social media campaign has brought in a load of traffic to your website. Thanks to having this data available on Google Analytics, you can then adapt your marketing strategy to try and attract the same result in the future. 

Being successful as a startup all comes down to understanding your consumers, what they’re looking for, how they’re using your website, and what stimulates them into converting. Google Analytics will provide you with the key data behind these areas, tracking consumer behaviour to help shape your ongoing strategy. 

So, there you have it – five of the most effective tools to increase your revenue as a startup business. 

While each tool may have its own individual merits, it’s important to think about which would prove most effective for your specific business. 

If you are a product-based brand, for example, utilising the social media management tools on Hootsuite could be the best choice for you. Whereas, if you’re looking to generate more leads for your business, signing up for a tool like Sopro could be a much better option. 

Take the time to think about your business and ask yourself, what would drive more sales? That way, you will not only put your time and money to better use, but you will also give your startup the best possible chance of becoming a success. 

Daniel Groves achieved a 1st class honours degree in Business Economics. Since graduating, Daniel has collaborated with a number of online publications to further develop his knowledge and share his experience with like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and growth strategists.