22 June 2022
Crowdfunding now
Ibrahim Rifath © Unsplash

Crowdfunding now: Kenyan craft beverages, ocean-loving toiletries, and ultra-realistic meat

Every week, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

African Originals: a tasty new beverage 

First up is African Originals, a new beverages company who are hoping to become Africa’s leading craft beverage company. Having already sold 776K bottles of cider and 186K bottles of mixer, African Originals are looking to tap a larger portion of the drinks market with their Kenyan craft beverages. 

Founded in 2019, African Originals are currently listed in 1800+ outlets, including key supermarkets such as Carrefour. All of their products are made with real Kenyan ingredients and processed fresh at our manufacturing site in Nairobi. 

Having attained their £600K target, African Originals have gone into overfunding with 8 days left to invest. Find out more here.  

Love Ocean: toiletries with conservation in mind 

Love Ocean is the refillable bathroom toiletries brand with ocean conservation at the heart of their mission. For every bottle they sell, they fund the removal of 1kg of ocean bound plastic. 

With extremely positive coverage in healthcare and homeware magazines, and listings with Selfridges and Ocado secured within 6 months of product launch, Love Ocean are looking to ride the £600M UK kids toiletries wave. 

Their previous crowdfund raised double their target; their current crowdfund is currently at 84% with 6 days left to invest. 

Read more about Love Ocean here.

THIS: ultra-realistic plant-based meat

THIS are the instantly recognised, always controversial, ultra-realistic plant-based meat company founded by Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman in 2019. 

Their mission is to convert the most meat eaters to plant-based food goods, so their approach is a little different than their plant-based competitors. This might account for their numbers that show insane revenue growth alongside a string of large funding rounds and a previous successful crowdfunding campaign. 

THIS is now served in a string of high street restaurants and can be purchased from the shelves of almost 2000 supermarkets across the country. 

The money is going to go towards their new innovation centre, boosting their manufacturing potential, and increasing their marketing spend. All information can be found here. 

A Maddyness interview with THIS founder Andy Shovel will be published onto the Maddyness website June 30th.