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28 June 2022
Want a Gen Z workforce? Design an office that wows on Instagram

Want a Gen Z workforce? Design an office that wows on Instagram

From pre-pandemic to the current day - how our office looks has changed dramatically. From cubicle, desk style working to flower walls and open collaboration spaces, office design has taken a complete 180. Stefanie Sebald, Head of Design at office management platform Kitt outlines how businesses of 2022 need to shift office design to retain the talent of the future.

This shift is a reflection of how attitudes towards office space have both gradually and dramatically changed over the years. Previously, office space was viewed as a house for employees to work from, but now employee wellbeing, satisfaction and creativity have become real targets for employers, interior designers and architects to take into consideration when designing an office.

Whilst it’s clear that office design has changed, we need to look at the landscape in more detail and address the expectations of the workers of the future. Gen Z’s are leading the charge when it comes to the return to the office, and our own research at Kitt revealed a quarter of them now want a more ‘instagrammable’ office. In a world where every meal out is uploaded to an Instagram story, it’s no surprise that having something they can be proud to show their friends has transcended social settings and is now true to the workplace as well.

Instagram has already infiltrated many other industries such as hospitality, where cafe and restaurant owners want to invest more and more into creating an ambiance that shows a desirable aesthetic when photographed. It was almost inevitable that the office design industry would soon follow suit.

As a result, we are seeing more businesses revamping their office space so that it reflects the current social media trends in an attempt to attract and retain their Gen Z talent.

Here are some easy to implement tips to make your office space wow on Instagram – and bring in and retain the talent of the future.

Consider your lighting

  • Make sure you have flattering lighting – be it a selfie for or a video call with clients, nice lighting is always a bonus.
  • Light temperature: Try 4,000K light temperatures as opposed to 8,000K.. 8,000K light resembles daylight, and while it may be cooler, clearer and whiter, it will make a space feel clinical. A lower light temperature is warmer, makes the space feel more inviting and is more flattering.
  • ​​Stunning pendant lights aren’t just for use in the home, they can also bring an on-trend look that boosts creativity in your office space. Available in a range of styles and finishes, statement pendants can set the tone of your space, offering a contemporary or retro look depending on the rest of your office design, making your team feel at home.

Bring colours in the office

  • Choose wall colours that complement your brand and ensure continuity across the office. When posted on social media, viewers will make an unconscious connection to your brand through those colours – making it more memorable and a place they want to work themselves.
  • There’s no question colour influences our mood and behaviour in such an instinctive way we don’t usually know it’s happening. Therefore, you shouldn’t choose colour schemes with red tones for working and conference spaces, but reserve those for breakout spaces and other areas employees won’t spend a huge amount of time.
  • Get inspired by hospitality design, as this is where Gen Z spend most of their time on the weekend. If you want to go the extra mile, you should consider going for bold designs with illuminated bathroom mirrors (great for selfies!) and a feature wall such as a flower wall in the bathrooms.
Want a Gen Z workforce? Design an office that wows on Instagram

Get organised!

  • Productivity can be hindered if your workspace is cluttered. Adequate storage for personal belongings and stationery will help you avoid this – after all, a tidy space is a tidy mind, and it will look better in photos.
  • Having a continuous design theme throughout the office will make it look neater. Consider investing in matching desk organisers, laptops, accessories, storage spaces etc. for a cohesive design. Having additional office accessories such as a bookshelf, ornaments and social media walls that are simply there for display purposes, will help elevate your space to the next level.

Introduce plants

  • Real plants elevate air quality, mental wellbeing, and instantly brighten up a photo. Choose a mix of larger and smaller plants with pots that complement the office decor for maximum effect.
  • Plants can be expensive! That’s why there are plenty of companies where you can lease plants for your office. This also comes with watering and maintenance service, which can be super handy for your busy teams!

Create a welcome area

  • Create a branded welcome area with a wow effect to give visitors a chance to share a first impression of your brand and create a lasting impression. A neon sign or logo with colours that pop are sure to make eyes widen with excitement.

Designing your office in a contemporary Instagram influenced style will not only help attract and retain Gen Z talent (and the whole workforce), but it is also proven to boost productivity and employee wellbeing. Whilst catering for Gen Z, you must be mindful of all of your staff who may seek something different from office space, so before you invest in drastic changes you must weigh up what brand image you want to portray and will have the intended impact and create a space suitable and desirable for all.

Stefanie Sebald is Head of Design at office management platform Kitt.