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13 July 2022
Crowdfunding now: EV chargers, UCG cosmetics, and AI-powered walking aids
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Crowdfunding now: EV chargers, UCG cosmetics, and AI-powered walking aids

Every fortnight, Maddyness brings you MaddyCrowd, revealing our selection of projects available on crowdfunding platforms. Here's this week's selection.

3ti Energy Hubs Ltd

Developing clean and stable energy sources is becoming increasingly important in a world with volatile energy supply chains. It is also a central feature of Government plans to reach net-zero. The roll out of electric vehicles has long been known as a necessity to reduce carbon consumption and emissions; however, for a long time the charging capacity and range of such vehicles limited uptake. 

3ti combines solar power, batteries, and EV charge points in car parks, turning them into renewable power stations and EV charging hubs. And with 14m electric vehicles expected on UK roads by 2030, an EV charging infrastructure powered by renewable energy is badly needed. 

3ti Energy Hubs, mini ‘solar car parks’ called Papilio3, could be the answer, with initial consultations already underway with Bentley, JP Morgan, Barclays, and the NHS. Having already raised double their target, with seven days left on the crowdfund, investors seem confident in 3ti Energy Hubs. Find more here.

Revive Eco Ltd

The environmental consequences of palm oil use have become apparent over the past few years. The versatile oil is used in everything from cakes, cosmetics, and cleaning products; however, it is one of the key drivers behind deforestation, contributing millions of tonnes of emissions every year.

Revive Eco Ltd are a sustainable biotech company creating alternatives to palm oil from used coffee grounds (UCGs). Having developed a patent pending technology to manufacture their products, they are now fundraising to scale up their manufacturing capacity and launch their products to market.

With an initial focus on the cosmetics industry, Revive Eco Ltd have already hit their target of £150K, with 13 days left to invest. Read about the crowdfund here.


So much of the technological development occurring these days takes place in the virtual realm. SaaS companies, fintech, metaverses … the real world seems an afterthought. 

Fortunately, companies like WeWALK occur at the intersection of technology and reality. 

Using patented tech and Microsoft AI, WeWALK have designed a white cane that helps the visually impaired live safer, more independent lives. Born from the experiences of those living with visual impairments, WeWALK aims to improve the lives and accessibility opportunities of the 253 million visually imparied who live in the world. Truly, tech for good! Read more about WeWALK here.