Whether you're a seasoned manager or just starting out, these resolutions can help you take your leadership to the next level in the coming year. Make a commitment to these goals and see the positive impact on your team and organisation.

Facilitate greatness resolution

As a leader, the spotlight is often pointed in your direction. People outside of the business look to you as a representative of the brand, and those inside the business look to you for guidance. This is part and parcel of being a leader, but it’s important you don’t let that attention divert you from the key task of facilitating greatness in others. It may sound like a cliche, but a leader really is like the captain of a ship. You might set the course, but you need the help of the whole crew to reach your destination. You can unlock the talents of those around you by giving them the space and flexibility to do their own thing. Instead of dictating, try trusting employees to walk their own path.

Facilitating greatness is a trait common to all strong leaders.

Chris Griffiths is the founder of leading mind mapping app Ayoa, and the author of The Creative Thinking Handbook.

Be more decent

In our rush to be innovative, first and the best, we can forget decency. Sometimes deliberately. And there is little in business, the outside world and the media to remind us of its importance. Indeed, the exact opposite seems to be promoted.

What example are we setting if we do not use common decency for self and all as our centre? A poor one. Let’s promise to be charitable, thinking of others first. Operationalise justice and know the difference between being decent and not. We can develop wisdom and become willing to learn, knowing that we will err sometimes. Learning how to be humble is key. As Herb Lovett said, ‘an expert is someone with a different zip code to yours.’

Being strong enough to show gentleness and caring is crucial. Decency should be the cornerstone of our legacy - our absolute baseline.

Anna Eliatamby is Director of Healthy Leadership, CIC and author of the new Decency Journey series of pocketbooks.  

Use MAGIC to transform team performance

As a leader, if you could wave a magic wand, what would you really like your team to achieve in 2023? Imagine if there were a simple, cyclical process which could transform your team’s performance. The MAGIC Methodology does just that, by guiding you through 5 proven steps, Mirror, Aspirations, Goals, Ideas and Commitments. Start by holding up the Mirror and build your team’s self-awareness by honestly reflecting on where they are now; celebrate what’s going well and acknowledge any development areas. Next, encourage them to dream big and articulate their Aspirations, both personal and professional. Then, use this inspiring vision of the future to define clear Goals, with timescales and measures.

Now, generate and evaluate a range of Ideas for how to achieve these goals, before finishing the process by creating a clear plan with some specific Commitments.

Rosie Nice is a workplace coach and author of The Magic Happens in the Silence: A guide to the art of reflective coaching.

Form healthy morning habits for success

Many leaders measure success with status, profit & possessions. But real success comes from  inside - how we feel, how we manage our emotions, and how much we enjoy  pursuing our goals.

Make it your resolution to form healthy habits for success. For example, if you would like to manage your emotions better or  develop great emotional intelligence, practice meditation. This will bring you the discipline of being in control and in a better mood. Create a manifesto that will make you visualise and empower the process of achieving that goal. And finally, create a power-up music playlist that you’ll religiously listen to, every morning, and experience how your mood and attitude shift to another level for the rest of the day. You will realise that you are creating a morning routine on the way to your success.

If you invest in yourself and your mornings, you will harvest success.

Adrian Gonzalez is an entrepreneur, life coach, and the author of Morning Zen.