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24 January 2023
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Why 2023 is the year to increase your visibility in the workplace

It’s normal to assume that if you keep your head down, hit your targets and continue to work hard career progression will automatically happen. Unfortunately, that’s the professional equivalent of thinking your perfect partner will one day knock on your front door with a view to living happily ever after. It’s just not going to happen.

When it comes to career progression, of course hard work and talent play a part, but so too does visibility and reputation.

How much do your senior managers know about your contribution to the company, and if quizzed could they confidently state the value you bring to the business? If the answer is no, then you need to spend 2023 working on increasing your visibility in the workplace.

This doesn’t mean wearing memorable clothes, becoming super-chatty or trying to organise work socials––although that can help. Instead, adopt a strategic approach to ensuring that your hard work is seen and acknowledged by the right people, leading to increased opportunities and career success. Here’s how to get started.

Send regular updates

Do you share your wins with management? It’s a great way to showcase your abilities to those who matter. Instead of sending an email outlining your achievements, develop a one page report, which shows results backed up by data. Even better if you can showcase achievements that bring together data from several different teams, as it shows you can work cross-functionally, while getting buy-in from colleagues.

Work on different teams

Is there an opportunity to work on a team that isn’t your own, either short term or for a longer secondment? Not only will it give you visibility to more people across your organisation but it will also enable you to learn a new set of skills and forge new relationships across the business. Understanding how each part of the organisation works will also give you greater ability to become agile and to innovate.

Be mobile

Getting a reputation as somebody who’s happy to join another team, or who’s not afraid to step up and develop a new set of skills when needed is a great way to gain visibility across an organisation. This shows an agile mindset, and in the current economic climate, companies need to move fast, and be quickly able to respond to challenges. Employees who show a similar mindset are always going to be held in high regard.

Become an expert

Becoming an expert in a certain aspect of your role is a surefire way to increase your visibility across the organisation, as you become the go-to employee for that particular topic. It also enables you to offer training to more junior members of staff, as well as making recommendations to C-suite executives.


Do you have an idea that would impact your organisation in a positive way? Suggestions that will streamline processes, reduce costs or increase profits will always be of interest to senior management, especially if you’ve developed the idea and can show how it is best implemented across the organisation. Even if your first idea is not accepted, it may spawn conversations that will lead to other innovative solutions.

With visibility comes opportunity, opportunity for either promotion within your current company or progression elsewhere. The Maddyness Job Board is full of companies currently recruiting for senior roles across all sectors and businesses––much like the three exciting roles below.

People Operations Manager, Starling Bank

As People Operations Manager with Starling Bank you will build and maintain a robust HR service and provide timely fit for purpose operational support. You will be responsible for managing and developing the People Operations and Onboarding team who act as the first point of contact for Starling Bank’s new employees and for its people’s questions. You will have a proven track record of managing people operations, as well as experience working within financial services with an awareness of the regulatory environment. Apply for the People Operations Manager role or browse all available opportunities with Starling Bank.

Vice President, Specialist Sales, Advisors Business Development, Mastercard

As Vice President, Specialist Sales, Advisors Business Development at Mastercard you will lead a team with responsibility for the annual bookings and in-year revenue targets for the loyalty and engagement business line, leading the development and execution of the overall sales strategy. You will align team resources towards areas of largest opportunity, and manage activities toward the overall goal. To apply, you will have experience with loyalty or customer engagement solutions and familiarity with one or more of client segments, and a proven track record of sales management success and team quota attainment. Apply for the Vice President, Specialist Sales, Advisors Business Development or browse all available roles at Mastercard.

Head of Audit, Platform, Product, People and Operations, Monzo

As Head of Audit at Monzo you will be a key member of the Internal Audit Leadership Team, helping to set strategy and vision. You will be responsible for developing, agreeing and executing a flexible audit plan in platform, product, people and operations in accordance with internal audit methodologies and regulatory requirements. You should be an experienced head of audit-level professional (minimum 10 years’ total experience) who has worked in fast-moving environments with developing risk and control frameworks. Apply for the Head of Audit, Platform, Product, People and Operations or browse all available roles at Monzo.

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