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4 April 2023
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7 Tech jobs that pay over 100K in the UK

With the cost of living rising by the minute, leading to reports that many employees plan to get a new job to cope, Kirstie McDermott from Jobbio has a look at some six-figure-paying roles in case you were looking to make the move..

We’re all hyper-aware of the rising cost of living these days. According to the UK Parliament, the cost of living increased steeply during 2021 and 2022. Famously, the annual rate of inflation reached a 41-year high of 11.1% in October 2022, before easing back.

Rates are on the rise again though, increasing from 10.1% in January of this year, to 10.4% in February, and one of the effects of high inflation is that it increases prices, which then affects the affordability of goods and services for households.

Perhaps one of the biggest and most keenly felt increases was in energy and fuel. From February 2022 to February 2023, domestic gas prices increased by 129% and domestic electricity prices by 67%.

And thanks to those interest rate rises, in real terms, UK pay fell at the fastest rate it had for 20 years by the end of 2022, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

So what is the solution? Cutting corners and belt-tightening are obvious first steps to help with rising expenses. Many UK workers are considering simply getting a new job––with a higher salary, of course.

A recent PwC report surveyed more than 2,000 UK workers across industries, and found that 18% of respondents said they were “very or extremely likely” to switch to a new employer within the next 12 months, and that an increase in pay was the main motivator for changing jobs for 72%.

So what jobs are good bets when it comes to making a switch? A recent salary survey identified the key roles which pay more than £100,000 a year. That’ll help put a dent into rising expenses; discover seven high-paying careers below.

1.   Chief Technology Officer (CTO), up to £165k

If you’re already working in IT in a managerial position, and have about 15 years’ experience, you could be on your way to this leadership job. To get to CTO, you will need an additional five to seven years’ honing your leadership and business skills. The CTO role not only oversees the current technology requirements and creates relevant policy, but requires an individual who can balance requirements with business needs.

2.   IT Director, up to £112,500

In charge of technology within an organisation, an IT director will manage technology resources and employees to ensure smooth running of operations. If you’re a mid-weight IT manager with plenty of relevant experience, this is a role to aspire to.

3.   Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), up to £158,000

With the huge rise in cloud adoption as well as the rise of bad actors seeking to access data, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a leadership position that has become increasingly important. Not just focused on technical IT security, this role also looks at monitoring threats, understanding risk, and communicating those to key stakeholders.

Not quite there yet? This Information System Security Officer (ISSO) – UK Sovereign Cloud Delivery, at SAP in Middlesex could be a great stepping stone.

4.   Chief Information Officer (CIO), up to £176,000

A high-ranking role, the position of CIO has responsibility for managing and successfully implementing the information and computer technology systems of a company.

5.   Solution Architect, up to £103,000

As a solution architect, you’ll design hardware, software, or networking applications and services intended to solve identified problems within a business. To get there, you’ll ideally be working in architecture, project management, or software development and will most likely need a Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in a relevant field.

Sky in London is seeking a Solutions Architect to lead long-term technical vision, end-to-end designs and roadmaps for software solutions and their integration with business processes.

6.   Head of Product, up to £110,000

If you’re a head of product management, you’re responsible for ensuring the economic success of the company you work for––developing new innovations and markets is key, as well as increasing sales and profitability. Already working in this area? Then you might like to step up and apply for this Director of Product, Platform Developer Experience at Spotify in London.

7.   DevOps Manager, up to £110,750

Excellent communication collaboration skills mark good DevOps managers out. This is a job where you sit between functions and are responsible for maintaining and executing organisational policies and procedures for change management, configuration management, release and deployment management, service monitoring, support and problem management.

PlayStation Global in London is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer. You’ll work in a cross-disciplinary team to scale the platform, expand reach, and help define and build the future of analytics for PlayStation games.

8.   Head of Engineering, up to £109,000

If you’ve moved through the ranks as a staff engineer and senior staff engineer, a head engineer position could be next. In this role, you’ll oversee multiple projects simultaneously, which means delegation is key. You’ll manage a team, delegate tasks, set project goals and deliverables, manage timelines, and oversee progress.

Ready for the challenge? This Head of Engineering (SVP) – DDA job at Citi in London is hiring. You will lead the DDA engineering team and work alongside the selected DDA solution provider team to enhance, manage and run the platform.

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