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3 June 2023
On the importance of failure in startup success
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On the importance of failure in startup success

Fear is natural, and it is ingrained in everyone’s DNA that we should fear our environments. Getting anxiety is also natural; it happens because of the things that aren’t going as per the plan. This is the reason why the fear of failure is intense for technical entrepreneurs.

Building your startup means you have to face fears and overcome them along with growing as a mature person. However, if your struggle and hard work are in the correct direction, you will see worthwhile revenue. But for earning revenue, you have to overcome the competition fear and also the anxiety of failure. One has to focus on their final goal for overcoming the fear of failure that can stumble in the pathway towards the goal.

The startup and the owner have to go through similar tests before they are called successful in the market. If any company fails, the leader of the company also fails because the leader and the company are both the same. However, failure is an opportunity for rising. In this article, we will learn about the importance of learning from failures while working on a startup.

Failure is an inevitable step toward success

Before the fact when you start your company, there is a simple truth that you have to accept: failure is unavoidable. The market is not a comfortable place, and you cannot expect things to always go as per your plan. There will be a time when market competition or some other factor might hurt your business.

Failures should not stop you from trying new things. If you do not try to build something with the fear that it will fall, you will never succeed. Sometimes it may happen that you are flourishing and suddenly you underperform in any one project, or there comes some disturbance in your relationship with any client of yours. This situation doesn’t mean that your business will collapse. This too shall pass, and your business will be back on track once again!

Your organisation is your child, it takes time to grow. You have to find its weakness and strengths and mature it accordingly. If your business strategies are in the right direction, you will be able to see your company grow naturally and beyond your thoughts. Just like failure is natural, success is also natural. So, be ready for both.

Failure reveals weaknesses in your business, so you can work to overcome them

There are some essential failure functions that people miss to check and further serve the cost of development. When there’s a failure, you get a chance to see your business’s drawbacks. Failure thus reveals the weaknesses and flaws of your business.

That’s the complete development process: After you see one failure, you will see the drawbacks that caused the failure, and then you will work to overcome those flaws. Over time, those solutions will ultimately add up as benefits for your company and will then help you generate revenue and profits. It will turn your company into getting larger projects and become a trustworthy brand in the market.

Do not ever try to languish failure, it isn’t something you should be used to. Make sure you hit the ground and dig deep for the solution after every defeat you face in your business growth. There are always ways to overcome the weaknesses and make your company work successfully again.

Success is a slow journey, not an instant goal

Not a single company can truly believe it is on the top of the competitor’s list, even if it is. Organisations are pursuing success but hurriedly, and that is almost impossible. Success emerges from a vision and hard work. It cannot be achieved only by financial fulfillment or just marketing.

Your company can not feel content with what it has accomplished. One should reflect on facts that one has done to encourage the employees of their company to do the same. However, growth and success come from using self-reflection and also applying it in your company’s next phase. You may fail first and can focus on what is coming next.

Failure can bring your business teams closer

Being an entrepreneur you have to keep the team together and also focus on the shared goals. You have to lead them to have a similar vision and for that, your team needs to stay as close and reliable as possible. The relationship between each employee has to run deeply and each person needs to have the same commitment towards the work.

Failure will lead the people to become more aggressive and awake towards the business goal and it will also unify the team. However, staying in the failure will strain the relations of the team members. They might blame each other for failure or whatever the reason was.

If you work in the direction to overcome failure, team members will become stronger and healthier. They will learn to overcome failure together, and also learn about everyone’s shortcomings and strengths. They will realise that they can trust each other and ask them for support. This will result in a good and stronger company. Any company that is ready with solutions to failure, will see immense growth in the future.

All you need is one success to make it all count

Nobody sings their failure songs. Their failures are not mentioned anywhere and they do not discuss them at home either. In most situations, failures are not visible to the regular world, and hence many people think that achieving success is easy. Failure may sound like the worst fate one has to face but it is an amazing thing that will teach you a lot if you get a proper solution.

Over time your company’s failures will not reflect your personality or what your company services are. Once the success is achieved, you will make the company’s name itself. One thing to keep in mind is that you may fail one hundred times, but no one will notice that. People always care about that time when you succeed.

People will remember the success and that you cannot give up on it. Do not ever let any failure hold you back from letting your startup become successful.

In the end, there are various importance of failure that one can learn while working on your startup. Failure will provide you with helpful refine techniques and provide valuable feedback. Business owners who learn from failure and accept failures as a natural part, are equipped with solutions to overcome the entrepreneurship challenges and are likely to achieve their future business goals. If you require more solutions, you can contact us anytime. Till then, stay tuned, and happy reading!

Itesh Sharma is HR Manager at TatvaSoft.com.