Who will remember us once we're gone?

This question is one that keeps people up at night. What is our legacy, to our family, to our loved-ones, to the world? Who, after our grandchildren, will keep us in mind and, most importantly, their heart.

That question first strikes as not being one of the most joyful kind. But when we think about it, if our passage on Earth is so forgettable, it gives us the power to free ourselves from the burden of ego and thrive to create, to achieve whatever we set our mind to.

By working on something we love, we can't help but be good, great, amazing at it. Even if our name might not be remembered for millennia to come, our actions will impact the future of mankind. Our ingenuity, talent and work, can change for the better the future of humanity and, by extension, the entire planet.

According to this principle, Astanor Ventures backs ambitious entrepreneurs with disruptive, scalable solutions that will create systemic change across the agrifood value chain, from soil to gut.

Revolutionising agrifood

With a demonstrated commitment to sustainability and impactful investments, Astanor Ventures identifies and nurtures early-stage companies that harness technology to drive positive change. With a keen focus on climate transition, nature positivity, resource efficiency, and social and health enhancements, Astanor Ventures is at the forefront of fostering a regenerative and sustainable bioeconomy.

"Our mission as an impact investor is to transition this entire agrifood sector. We are investing in solutions by inputs to replace chemical fertilisers and pesticides, but also plenty of alternative on meat and cheese, for both the health of the people and the planet." comments Leslie Kaplin, Director of Impact at Astanor Ventures.

New B Corp Giant

Astanor scored a world-first by achieving a score of 121.3, the most of any VC fund, and in doing so, joined the +7,000 B Corp certified companies around the globe. This demonstrates the firm's unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, ethical business conduct, and its ongoing efforts to drive positive change in the agri-food sector. What sets Astanor Ventures’ B Corp certification apart is its significance within the venture capital industry.

Their journey started with a foundational commitment to making a significant positive impact in the world. From its inception, the firm was 'born' as an impact investor, with sustainability at the core of its DNA. The trajectory has been driven by a resolute motivation to redefine venture capital, ensuring that every investment leaves a lasting positive mark on the planet and its inhabitants.

"Over the last few years we've been supporting a lot of companies to become B Corp, but without being B Corp ourselves. We are therefore extremely pleased to have achieved this goal, that not only rewards the work we've done so far but also asserts our credibility" added Leslie Kaplin.

Ticking all the right boxes

To become a Certified B Corporation, applicants undergo a rigorous review of the impact of their operations and business model on their workers, customers, communities, and environment.

Key highlights of Astanor Ventures’ B Corp certification and its record score include:

  • Sustainable Investment: Astanor Ventures has consistently invested in and supported innovative companies that prioritise sustainability and the development of regenerative agricultural practices.
  • Environmental Responsibility: The firm has demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and implementing environmentally friendly practices across its operations.
  • Ethical and Inclusive Business Practices: Astanor Ventures has upheld the standards of ethical conduct, ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all stakeholders, from farmers to investors.
  • Community Engagement: Astanor Ventures actively engages with the communities in which it operates, working to create positive social and economic impacts.
  • Transparency: Astanor Ventures is dedicated to transparency in its operations and reporting, allowing stakeholders to track progress and hold the firm accountable for its commitments.

"We are proud to be part of a global movement that aims to redefine success in business by placing purpose and positive impact at its core and want to use this recognition as an opportunity to walk the talk."

Getting B Corp certified was an essential step for the firm, as it actively encourages and supports its portfolio companies to pursue B Corp certification. Already nine of Astanor Ventures’ portfolio companies have achieved B Corp certification, highlighting the successful execution of its mission to encourage sustainable practices and ethical conduct throughout its investment portfolio. By leading by example, Astanor Ventures aims to inspire its investee companies to align their operations with similar values, promoting a more sustainable and responsible future for the entire agri-food ecosystem.

Not only is Astanor Ventures B Corp certified, but they have also recently received the Diversity VC certification, a certification that underscores Astanor Ventures’ dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment whilst championing DEI initiatives across the agri-food industry.