17 November 2023
Matt Bunn and John Downes

Form1: Connecting corporates with breakthrough technology

Matt Bunn and John Downes, formerly of Capita Scaling Partner, have launched their new venture, Form1 to connect corporates with breakthrough technology from trusted scale-up firms.

Technology is the essence of mankind.

We evolved in a hostile environment. Even though we often find ourselves to be amazed by the wonders of nature, we’ve never been a species physically fit to survive raw and dire conditions. We’re not equipped with neither claws nor fangs to hunt, no thick fur or scales to protect us, no wings, no fins, no overdeveloped muscles to brave the elements.

Our strength relies on our brain and its appetite for technological progress and novelty. We built huts, made loincloths and spears, harnessed the power of fire, then electricity. We now tranquilly sit in our homes, we have access to the whole word through our smartphones, we go to the store to get our food.

Out of all the existing species, we are the only one that doesn’t have to survive. We have the comfort and the opportunity to thrive, to live fulfilled lives without having to worry whether a hawk is going to catch us in its claws, or if we’ll wake up with a pack of wolves looming over us.

Alike the first men, tech scale-ups have to evolve in an everchanging, sometimes hostile financial jungle. To help them thrive and survive, Form1 Partners is helping established corporates adopt technologies that are critical to drive the digital future.

Experienced founders providing excellence

Form1 Partners, a new venture established by former Capita executives Matt Bunn and John Downes, is a visionary force in the global technology landscape, specialising in forging transformative partnerships between large corporations and innovative tech scale-ups. Form1 supports clients to solve the most pervasive business challenges, delivering material growth outcomes on a global scale.

Operating at the heart of the global tech industry, the Form1 team brings a proven track record of helping corporates derive tangible commercial value by partnering with the very best tech scale-ups.

Matt and John have a wealth of experience in facilitating deep strategic partnerships within the tech ecosystem, having founded and grown Capita’s corporate venture arm, Capita Scaling Partner. The pair provide extensive experience in M&A, joint venture and business development. They have secured over £2.8B in orders between them. They’ve also served as directors at over a dozen scale-up firms, helping them to triple their annual revenue on average, secure over 15 successful fund raises and manage two exits.

“Form1 was born to provide corporates with trusted access to the best emerging technology firms in the world, and to help both sides create commercially valuable partnerships.” said Matt Bunn, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Form1.

Solving real world challenges

Since its foundation, Form1 has started working with a number of corporates and scale-ups to use technology to solve real world challenges, such as creating amazing customer experiences, delivering material cost savings and efficiencies, reducing overheads and solving big back-office challenges.

Form1 is focussed on technology partners with a proven track record of solving the biggest issues for enterprise. Early clients include the British Standards Institute, the UK’s national standards body which has shaped best practice for over 100 years, and leading AI firms such as Forestreet, a powerful AI market insights business helping global brands to become experts in any product or category in an instant.

Form1 has also partnered with the AIM-listed challenger consultancy, Elixirr, which provides businesses with a range of consulting services from strategy through to execution, including in data, analytics and AI.

“In 1958, the average life expectancy of a company was 61 years, whereas today it’s just 18.” says John Downes, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Form1.

Form1 has made two director-level appointment, Operations Director and Director of Growth and Innovation, in conjunction with its official launch. It has also established an advisory network with over 45 C-level professionals.