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9 January 2024
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From wobble rooms to title inflation: what’s in and out in the workplace in 2024

Forget New Year’s resolutions, this year the in and out list has taken over and everyone from influencers to your local coffee shop has been curating what’s on their hotlist for the year ahead.

So with that in mind, we’re outlining what’s in and out in the workplace in 2024 (and the aspects of work you should stop putting up with).

  • In: Wobble Rooms

  • Out: Crying at your desk

We’ve all been there… For some unknown reason your kids collectively decided to go at a snail’s pace on the morning of a very important meeting. You finally reach the office and your inbox is already overflowing. Your boss decides to put a lunchtime meeting in your only free slot and you’re getting inundated with Slack messages before you’ve even sat down. Your colleague steals your pitch idea and you feel like you’re on the verge of losing it completely.

Enter workplace Wobble Rooms, a designated area where you can have a meltdown in private instead of crying at your desk or the loo.

  • In: Real career progression

  • Out: Title inflation

In recent years vanity promotions have emerged as a direct response to Gen Z expecting annual promotions—and leaving if they don’t get one.

While title inflation might work in the short term for younger workers trying to establish their place on the career ladder, for those with more experience, a change in job title without the bump in salary to match isn’t sufficient. A promotion should always equate to more responsibility––with remuneration to match.

  • In: Embracing Gen AI

  • Out: Fearing for your job

The theme of robots taking jobs cropped up on many occasions throughout 2023 but for 2024, we’re hailing AI tools that can help boost productivity as the way forward.

And we’re not alone: at the World Economic Forum’s 2023 Growth Summit, economist Richard Baldwin advocated that “AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”

  • In: Work-life balance

  • Out: Side hustles

While remote work has made polyworking (having more than one job, possible without either knowing about the other) possible, it’s not a sustainable way to live or thrive professionally.

So instead of taking on side gigs to supplement your income, see how you can progress within your chosen field via the more traditional way of working one job at a time only.

And if your current employer isn’t facilitating the career progression you’re looking for or it can’t meet your salary expectations, it could be time to look further afield for a new opportunity.

If that is the case, the Maddyness Job Board is the ideal place to focus your search. It features thousands of jobs across tech, including the three below.

Technology Assurance Analyst, Dentsu Aegis Network, London

Dentsu’s commitment to technology governance, risk and compliance is expanding to provide greater coverage of security risk and assurance processes to all global technology functions including operations and business platforms. As a Technology Assurance Analyst you will be responsible for supporting the establishment and continuous maintenance of a new internal controls assurance framework across global enterprise technology and other in-scope functions; and executing design and operating effectiveness testing of controls in accordance with established audit methodologies and testing criteria. Find more information here.

Software Engineer – Trading Technology, FanDuel, Edinburgh

FanDuel Group’s team of brands and products deliver sports betting, gaming and entertainment to millions of US sports fans every day. This Software Engineer role, works as part of FanDuel’s Trading Technology function. Its Live Play strategy is a greenfield initiative and includes PhD scientists who thrive on solving intriguing problems by using cutting edge technology whilst shaping the future of US sports betting. You’ll be working within a newly created engineering team who are at the stage of forming the team, building out their ways of working and setting up their CI/CD pipelines. You will also be writing distributed, scalable and available backend systems and APIs using Java, Kotlin, and Python. See the full job description here.

Vice President, Technology and Engineering, Security, Mastercard, London

Mastercard has an exciting opportunity to be part of the function overseeing Security for Vocalink Limited, a company that enables the payments of 90% of salaries, 70% of utility bills, most ATM transactions and every cheque cleared in the UK. The Vice President will become part of a high functioning team, dedicated to delivering a robust, secure and resilient service and play a crucial role in defining technology goals and establishing a technology strategy aligned to Vocalink’s business imperatives and industry standards and best practices. Want to know more? View additional details here.

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