27 February 2024
oana jinga & maria torrent march

Climbing new heights: Iron Mountain implements Dexory’s state-of-the-art AI and robotic solution into UK warehouses

Dexory announces its partnership with Iron Mountain, a leader in information management, innovative storage, data centre infrastructure, and asset lifecycle management.

Climbing a mountain has never been an easy task.

No matter how good one can be, there is a point at which we will need technological aid to push us up. A climber going for the highest summits will not go without a helmet, rope, carabiners, food and warm clothes.

In the business world, one company can’t expect to go up a growth curve without keeping in touch with the most advanced and adequate equipment.

It is with this idea in mind that Iron Mountain announces a partnership with Dexory, introducing DexoryView into four UK sites. Together, they are on a mission to revolutionise the way we approach warehouse work.

70 years old experience meets cutting-edge technology

Since 2021, Iron Mountain has expanded into a third-party logistics provider, disrupting the Warehouse & Logistics industry with its innovative and agile solutions. The company has chosen to adopt DexoryView as its preferred inventory and tracking solution at four strategic Iron Mountain warehouses across Kettering Symmetry Park, Lutterworth Magna Park North and Rugby Symmetry Park.

“Implementing a future-proof, innovative inventory solution is key to our warehousing strategic direction.  Dexory’s technology enables our vision for automation and efficiency, especially where we have large rotations of stock, reducing our overall operational costs.” says Maria Torrent March, Warehousing & Logistics Strategy Director at Iron Mountain

For more than 70 years, Iron Mountain has been a strategic partner to care for your information and assets. A global leader in storage and information management services and trusted by more than 225,000 organisations around the world, including 95% of the Fortune 1000, they aim to protect, unlock, and extend the value of your work—whatever it is, wherever it is, however it’s stored.

Higher, Better, Faster

Iron Mountain, which is trusted by more than 225,000 customers around the world, was looking for an automated solution to inventory management and space optimisation for these warehouses, rather than opting for a more traditional and manual intensive route. Using Dexory’s technology, combining powerful analytics with autonomous robots, Iron Mountain will be able to scan 15,000 locations per hour, without impacting its day-to-day operations. This allows the company to analyse its pallet lifecycle within its warehouses, leading to a more robust operational efficiencies. In addition, Iron Mountain is able to gather full visibility of stock and track inventory movements – providing greater insights for continuous improvements across all of the sites.

Dexory’s robots measure, count, track and find inventory across warehouses as they navigate the racks, without workflow disruption. The data is pushed in real-time to the DexoryView warehouse digital twin platform, offering end-to-end visibility across the state of the warehouse operations. By implementing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and AI-powered, DexoryView platform, Iron Mountain is able to further improve its process compliance, accuracy in stock counting and improve the response time from its inventory team.

“We’re thrilled to have Iron Mountain adopt our data-driven technology for these warehouses in the UK. Introducing DexoryView will provide them with the ability to deliver greater efficiencies and accurate stock management.” says Oana Jinga, Dexory’s Chief Commercial Officer.