"He who plants a tree plants hope." - Lucy Larcom

But what happens when you plant over 4 million? Treeapp just answered the question.

Like planting an IV Drip into to heal someone who's ill, trees' roots are slowly healing our planet. Taking action today means preserving tomorrow. Like a green wall stalling the desert's deadly advance, a dark umbrella protecting us from galactic fire, a gigantic lung in which resides the planet's hope for survival, trees are mankind's protector.

More than just hope, 4 million trees provide us with a future. Alike biblical Titans planting promising seeds all around the planet, Treeapp, one of the UK's leading tree planting organisations, brings a major environmental change to our world.

Working with Giants

Treeapp has achieved these remarkable results through both their innovative mobile app, enabling individuals to plant trees for free and assisting over 1,000 organisations - including renowned names like Ministry Of Justice, The Economist, L’Oreal, and Wagamama - in integrating tree planting into their business model.

Treeapp is dedicated to creating a positive impact on our planet through tree planting initiatives. Their mission is to empower individuals and businesses alike to contribute to a sustainable future by strategically planting trees where they are needed most.

In the 2024 impact report, Treeapp showcases its extraordinary accomplishments, surpassing the milestone of 4 million trees. This feat translates to the reforestation of approximately 2,733 hectares—an area equivalent to 6,475 football pitches—while absorbing 594,543 tonnes of CO2 and creating 4,200 work days for local communities.

Over the past year, Treeapp has significantly expanded its planting operations across the UK and Europe, introducing 10 new sites in the UK and establishing new sites in Germany, France, and Spain.

Green Guardians

Beyond environmental contributions, Treeapp's initiatives encompass social and economic dimensions, aligning each project with specific UN Sustainable Development Goals, from safeguarding sea life in Indonesia to empowering women in Ethiopia.

Treeapp's recent accomplishments extend to winning the World Economic Forum - Trillion Trees Challenge, becoming an environmental partner of 1% for the Planet, joining the United Nations Global Compact and being selected to be a part of  the Grow London Cohort by London & Partners.

Empowering individuals and businesses to translate awareness into tangible action, Treeapp leads the charge in environmental responsibility and community involvement.

"As we look ahead to 2024, we are filled with excitement and optimism. We wish everyone a happy Earth Day and eagerly anticipate expanding our impact on an international scale. Together, let's continue to nurture and protect our planet for generations to come.", say co-founders Jules Buker and Godefroy Harito