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29 April 2024
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For founders by founders: What founders are using and recommending this month #3

With Founders by Founders - or #FBF - discover the exclusive list of what founders are reading, drinking, and doing this month.
Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

The Realistic Optimist, a global media for the global startup ecosystem

The Realistic Optimist is a weekly, paid publication making sense of the globalised startup scene. Pieces take the form of exclusive op-eds from startup founders, VCs and ecosystem operators around the world. The Realistic Optimist's paid subscribers work at Endeavour, Sturgeon Capital, Wave, Quona Capital, GEN, 500 Global, and eBanx, just to name a few. Read the publication's manifesto here.

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Segway Navimow i Series, the UK’s best value wireless robotic lawnmower

Ever considered what you could be doing instead of spending a precious chunk of your weekend mowing the lawn? Well wonder no longer, as robotics giant Segway’s new mower can deliver a pristine lawn in minutes, while you put your feet up. Launched earlier this year, the i Series starts at a competitive £949 and is packed with AI-powered features, such as an AI assistant mapping function. It’s easy to set up via the Navimow app, with no perimeter wires needed, and can handle a diverse range of lawn layouts while intelligently avoiding objects. You can count on the Navimow − this robotic mower delivers a flawless lawn, every time.

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Running your own business or considering starting one?

Being your own boss is exciting, but it comes with a raft of responsibilities, including less glamorous tasks such as managing costs and creating growth plans, which is time-consuming. Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone.

Unbiased can quickly connect you with a local qualified accountant or bookkeeper who will look at your circumstances and your business goals to help you take your company to the next level.

An accountant can offer vital support whether you’re filing a tax return, are undergoing an audit or if you need advice with your business plan or on ways to get funding for future growth. They can also help you reduce unnecessary risk by ensuring compliance with any regulations.

You can save time, which is important when running your own business, and potentially legally cut your tax bill by taking advantage of any allowances.

An accountant will also ensure you’re not one of the unlucky 1.1 million people who missed the most recent self-assessment deadline by ensuring any tax returns are filed early and accurately.

Get expert support now, so you can focus more on helping your business thrive! Connect with a qualified accountant via Unbiased now.

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Taste the extraordinary

Small, big, strong, classy, you certainly came across all the different types of cocktails out there. Whether you had a Sex on the Beach in Bali, or James Bond's Vesper in an art-nouveau style bar, you have probably experienced diversity in taste, look, and colours offered by cocktails. But this diversity has limits.

The rush, the pleasant surprise and unexpected sensation when drinking your first cocktail cannot come back - you need to find a different one. Some you'll like, some you won't, but eventually you will always end up face to face with the same ones, no matter how hard you try.

No need to take a 15 hours plane to a new location in a desperate quest for new sensations: Mixtons reinvent the classic cocktail experience. By adding a twist, a "je ne sais quoi", reinventing, innovating, and creating brand new flavours, the company aims to take your taste buds to a whole other level, providing you a completely new experience.

Mixtons, Classic cocktails with a twist
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The power of the Alps in the palm of your hand

Cano Water brings Alpine water into your hand, into your home, and especially into a can. The company was the first to put water into a can, and has since expired millions of people and companies around the world. More than a trend setter, the brand is a game changer, forever changing the way we drink water. Just like the snow at the of the Mont Blanc, the aluminium can makes Cano Water's packaging eternal.

Sustainable, pure, good for the planet and for yourself, rediscover not only the taste of water, but its benefits, in a brand new and innovative packaging.

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Empowering women through healthcare

The science surrounding women healthcare is unfortunately still a work in progress.

In order to close the gender health gap, Hello Eve provides women with easy access to healthcare throughout all stages of their lives. From contraception to menopause, Hello Eve is revolutionising the way women take care of their body by making their life easier, getting rid of the plethora of unnecessary challenges along the way.

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