"Please clean up before you leave."

This sentence, thrown at us like a guillotine's blade falling on a king's head, has throughout History deprived children from going out. Once these words were pronounced, there was no leaving the house, and the sweet sunshine and fresh air had to wait for us.

But we've now grown up, and we're left on our own. While many lessons taught during our childhood "Wash your hands", "Hold your fork properly", are now second nature, we seem to suffer from amnesia as soon as it comes to cleaning after us.

What if all civilisations before us left their rubbish? We would simply live in an uninhabitable field of garbage. In the meantime, they have left us with temples, castles, and bridges. But what will we leave to our children, and more importantly, to theirs?

While living under our current regime, it would almost feel like the society we're in will last forever. But by looking at the past, we quickly notice that only one thing prevails: constant change.

By not cleaning up after ourselves, it is not to our parents that we delegate that task, but to the future generations. More than just toys spread around the house, we would be burdening our children with a toxic planet.

To avoid this nightmare scenario, the founders of Blue Earth Summit launch an exciting new competition to accelerate innovation in climate health. 1000 planet positive startups and scaleups are invited to pitch to hundreds of investors with access to £100M in funds.

Feel free to save the world

As Europe’s biggest pitch and scale opportunity for green and environmental innovators, the BE100 competition is free and open to business of all sizes. Blue Earth Summit organisers are expecting applications from startups and scaleups in climate technology, clean energy, air and water but want to hear from all emerging business solutions in planet health. Registrations are open here. 

Designed to fast forward innovative solutions, BE100 forms a central part of the Blue Earth Summit manifesto Inspire. Connect. Act.

“We all recognise that time is running out to protect our planet." says Guy Hayler, Co-Founder of Blue Earth Sumit.

"BE100 is our own direct action to find and fund businesses that are driving systemic change within their respective industries. To date we have raised over £125M for 42 businesses and expect to play a role in raising £100M for businesses that are part of the Blue Earth community this year”, adds Guy.

Formal applications will open in June 2024 at Blue Earth Forum, part of London Climate Action Week. A subsequent selection process will see 30 startup finalists pitch to investors live on stage at Blue Earth Summit 2024.

Gigantic Green Gathering

Taking place at Woolwich Works and now in its 4th year, Blue Earth Summit is a supercharged event gathering over 5000 innovators, startups, scale ups, global corporations, politicians, adventurers, academics, celebrities and campaigners under one roof to connect together, act fast and create planet positive change. 

Blue Earth Summit covers 3 packed days and 10 stages. 300 speakers including Dragons Den’s Deborah Meaden, Ecotricity Founder Dale Vince OBE, Iceland CEO, Richard Walker, former Minister and Trustee of the Climate Group, Amber Rudd and Arctic Explorer & Investor, Ben Saunders, will join representatives from a range of organisations including Virgin, Diageo, British Business Bank, Rewilding Britain and Blue Marine Foundation.

From city health to tech enabled conservation, nature, energy, water, fashion waste to finance and investment, every significant climate impact sector will be represented with talks, workshops, clinics and networking opportunities to optimise learning and inspire action. 

Inspire. Connect. Act. is a rallying call from the Founders of Blue Earth Summit for people and organisations to collaborate at pace, creating better outcomes for the health of the planet and humanity.

A series of curated events prior to Blue Earth Summit will help deliver the 3 step mission. FUTURES - a series of UK and global events covering topics from oceans to creative industries. FORUM - a 2 day event at London Climate Week in June, connecting over 200 impact investors with 40 of the most exciting and scalable climate positive innovators, as well as expert speakers.