While many traditional employers have introduced a mandatory return to the office, tech is an industry that continues to offer more remote working jobs than most. This is especially true for smaller companies who don’t have impressive campuses they need to squeeze value from. 

With applicants from around the world all vying for the same roles, competition is tough. And it’s especially challenging in particular quarters or years when larger organisations have made mass redundancies. 

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Your personal brand matters; here are six ways to improve it. 

Be clear about your values

The internet is brimming with quizzes and content about defining your values, so if you’re not clear on yours, spend some time delving into this. Weave these into your professional summary statement, four to five lines that differentiate you from the competition at the top of your CV. 

Keep your values consistent but if you do secure a job interview at an organisation, spend time looking at its brand values and see if you sync up. This can be a really strong conversation point when they do but do role play with a friend and ensure it feels natural. 

Really refine your CV’s summary statement

Think about how you would describe your work self in a characteristic. Perhaps you are innovative, strategic or user-orientated? If you’re unsure, ask a trusted colleague. Lead with this. Next list your occupation and summarise your experience, expertise and skills at a high-level and nod to your achievements broadly. 

For example: An innovative senior software engineer with considerable experience developing front-end applications in <insert organisations>, with a strong emphasis on scalable implementations and overall user experience. Delivered XX new features and products, working in collaboration with other engineers and in cross-functional teams, resulting in X% growth in X market. 

Elaborate on your core skills

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) will scan your CV for keywords, so ensuring your list of particular skills and programme knowledge is essential. But don’t stop there. What differentiates your list from hundreds or thousands of others that have the exact same? Results. 

Let’s say you’re a highly-skilled full stack application developer in Django/Python/JavaScript for example. Have a talking point ready of the tangible difference that made to the business e.g. reduced mobile loading time to two seconds. 

Update your online profiles

Take your well-honed statement summary and use it to update your LinkedIn, X  and other profiles. Ensure you list all languages and tools used in every job experience description, and add bullet points of results, where possible. Take some time to reach out to former colleagues and managers for endorsements, recommendations and references. 

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Get graphic

A suite of graphics for your professional profiles can really help increase your visibility. You could have a quote from one of those recommendations on it, logos for places you’ve worked, your own personal brand logo (if you have one), a call to action (CTA) to get in touch, contact details, or all of these elements. It’s a small job for a professional graphic designer, or you could play around with online tools to DIY.


Having a well-crafted CV and online profile is just one part of the puzzle. To build a personal brand, you must also build your network. Go to online seminars and workshops, and can attend conferences, hackathons and meet-ups in person if you can. 

On your online professional networks, create and share content. You don’t need to start a blog or a podcast, but you can showcase your expertise and provide value to your network by sharing your own thoughts on a new technology, or content created by another. 

Equally, if you enjoyed a piece of content shared by someone in your network, let them know. Send thank you messages and follow ups. Celebrate other people’s achievements with them. Network building takes time and authenticity. It won’t happen overnight. 

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