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Women’s health in the workplace: where has it all gone wrong?
The rejection of the Menopause Bill by UK parliament due to fears of discrimination against men has shone an important spotlight on women’s health in the workplace. Whilst this is now gaining more mainstream recognition, for women this is nothing new.
Opinion by " Lesley Cooper
womens health at work
Cambridge-based #21toWatch announce 2023 winners
What do: AI, IVF, DNA, Bluetooth, Wireless internet, inkjet printing, gene sequencers, the asthma inhaler, the flushing toilet, and Concorde’s droop nose all have in common? They were all either invented, developed, or discovered in Cambridge.
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The Legal Designer: graphic designer, re-drafter or neither?
Max Lunn talked to CEO and founder of TLB (The Law Boutique), Electra Japonas, to get an insight into all things legal design. TLB is currently looking to hire a senior legal consultant to join their thriving ‘legal transformation’ team.
Decoding by " Max Lunn
How to successfully pivot to a career in AI, and earn more money
Meet RideTandem: the startup tackling UK transport poverty
As part of our quick fire questions series – or QFQs – we spoke to Tatseng Chiam, cofounder of RideTandem, about UK transport poverty and the need to connect people to opportunities sustainable transport options.
Portfolio by " Maddyness UK
Musk’s takeover turbocharged VC Twitter usage
New data collected on the UK Venture Capital Twitter ecosystem shows that tweet volumes went through the roof during the Tesla CEO’s takeover of the platform, despite wider usage tailing off, and the platform experiencing other major concerns around online safety and revenue.
Decoding by " Max Lunn
Musk’s takeover turbocharged VC twitter
The time is now for the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Officer
At Maddyness, we have recently launched our job board to connect the right people with the right roles. As part of our commitment to shed some light on what these roles mean, we’re diving into the responsibilities, strategic importance and talent-profiles attached to them. This week, we look into the diversity, equality and inclusion officer.
Tools by " Max Lunn
Maddyness Jobbio MaddyJobs 2
Antler among Europe’s most active early stage investors
Antler, a day zero investor and early stage VC firm, has revealed details of its investment activity across Europe over the last 12 months.
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Antler report
No pride for tech: majority of LGBTQ+ founders withhold their gender or sexuality
In a first of its kind report from Proud Ventures, data reveals that 75% of LGBTQ+ founders don't reveal either their sexuality or gender identity in the workplace, highlighting the scale of the problem.
News by " Maddyness UK
No pride for tech
Koos: the Estonian startup enabling businesses to incentivise their communities
Koos aims to give the next generation of businesses a competitive advantage through its SaaS platform, where business-critical communities can be rewarded with binding ‘equity-like’ stakes that don’t mess up the cap table.
Portfolio by " Max Lunn
Koos: the Estonian startup enabling businesses to incentivise their communities
Building rapport, preventing uproar: being a Community Manager in 2023
In recent years, the role of the community manager within UK startups has become increasingly important. A community manager acts as a liaison between a company and the wider public, managing interactions with the customer base, building relationships, and developing customer loyalty.
Decoding by " Maddyness UK
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Why ultra-light urban vehicles like Luvly offer the only viable future for electric cars
Electric cars are getting smaller – a lot smaller. Although the majority of U.S. cars now sold (namely SUVs and pickups) are reportedly the same size as WW2 tanks, a legion of light, sustainable vehicle manufacturers are helping accelerate the great downsize.
Opinion by " Max Lunn
Reflaunt enters Middle East luxury resale market with Chalhoub Group partnership
Leading luxury retailer LEVEL SHOES has chosen Reflaunt as their partner to offer customers the opportunity to resell the luxury pieces they no longer wear, in a move that shows the strength of the second-hand luxury market in Dubai and the wider Middle Eastern region.
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Leading UK companies commit to hire military veterans in bid to bridge digital skills gap
Six major UK employers have become the first organisations to sign a commitment to help armed forces veterans and their partners find meaningful employment in technology and digital roles after leaving the military.
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Leading UK companies sign commitment to hire military veterans in bid to bridge digital skills gap
Steven Bartlett launches $100M Fund to accelerate next generation of European Unicorns
Flight Story Fund is powered by Bartlett and his network of entrepreneurs and investors across the world, many of which have featured as guests on his popular podcast, Diary of a CEO. The Fund will back talented entrepreneurs who are building a better future, focusing on blockchain, biotech, health & wellbeing, commerce, technology and space.
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